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Utah with wife and 2 Kids

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Hello ,

We have plane tickets to go to Salt Lake City on Jan 19-Jan23 .

I have never skiied Utah. My wife and two boys 6 and 10 are going . Which Resort is the best for beginners . I would like Deer Valley but Sundance is this week in Park City. I want them to have a good trip so I can start skiing again. I was an expert at one time. We now live in So Cal. It would be nice to have ski in/out where we can drop the kids off at ski school and go back to lodging for R&R if we want. Any advice would be appreciated.

I would like to keep Lodging to under $500 per nite. so Steins and The lodge ar deer valley is out. Which Resort is the best for Family/ Beginners


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Originally Posted by 4Hogans View Post
Which Resort is the best for beginners .
Brighton. Alta also has some really good beginners runs. Anymore, I never ski on the east side of the wasatch ( because they all suck ).
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I am heading out to Powder Mountain and Snowbasin...away from the hustle and bustle...north about an hour (from Airport). Just due east of Ogden...cheap, simple and great snow. So...I'd recommend Powder Mountain and Snowbasin...you can stay in Ogden or at a resort (Wolf Creek) closer to the slopes.
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Try the Peruvian at Alta
Or The Cliff Lodge at Snowbird

They're polar opposites, Peruvian being rustic and old time lodgey, The Cliff modern and sleek. You can probably get adjoining rooms or a suite and hit your $. I've stayed at both, wife prefers the Cliff, I like the Peruvian for it's traditional charm. There are condos, but not a huge choice in Little Cottonwood.. I'd avoid Park City during Sundance. The ski hill is uncrowded, but you can't eat, get a cab, park or even walk on Main Street. Most of us townies stock up on food and stay home.

You might like Solitude in Big Cottonwood too. It's a very family friendly mountain, unpretentious, and has a charming base village, small and elegant.(some Beaver Creek people were involved in the design) The canyon itself, just a couple miles from SLC, is entered through a narrow, winding road with thousand foot cliffs on either side. Once you're in the canyon, it opens up to an undeveloped mountain wilderness with a few cabins, a store or two, and the two resorts, Solitude and Brighton, at the end of the road. It's really quite stunning, but so is Little Cottonwood- LCC is narrower and steeper. A condo is the way to go at Solitude, they're all good and right at the base. Creekside is the best Condo, and closest to the lifts. It should be in your price range. Look for packages that include lift tickets.

Alta and Solitude are best for all abilities, the Bird is pretty gnarly. All are close together, and there is bus service between them, but I recommend a car so you can take some side trips and see a bit of the Wasatch.

Snowbasin and Pow Mow up north are good too. Remote and undeveloped, but that can be great in this world...will need car there. I don't know much about lodging, for us, that's always a one day seek and destroy powder mission.
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If it's Sundance, keep well away from PC! The town grinds to a gridlocked halt. However, this will suprise you, if you can get round there to ski, the resorts are deserted. Heading to PCMR or the Crayons for a day trip would at least see you having the mountain to yourself.

Deer Valley's beginner terrain is not good. It's best avoided until people are turning confidently. For beginners, probably Brighton, Soli and alta are best. Snowbird doesn't have any real beginner terrain.
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For the skiing, go to Powder Mountain and Snowbasin. PM is uncrowded so you can keep track of the family but it also has some very nice terrain if you want to test your ability. PM also has on site lodging and is well within your budget. The negative is that PM is at the end of 6 miles of winding mtn road and quite remote. There is no shopping and only resort restaurants - about 1 or 2 of them. We often go to PM and Snowbasin but always stay in Odgen or Eden.

Alta is good but more crowded. Snowbird has virtually no gentle terrain. If your family rates as beginners, I would not go there. It's a great mountain but even their green run - Big Mama - would rate at least a blue elsewhere.

Have fun.
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I'd say Alta, but I am not sure if you could find suitable slopeside lodging this close to the check-in date. Can't hurt to look though -- maybe with the economy the way it is, there will still be availability.
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One thing that no one seems to have included in their answer is which mountain has the best kids ski school since their plan is to drop their kids off there (good plan!) I have no experience in that area. Anyone?
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What Mr. Crab said, perfect!

But, you're goping to Utah, you gotta go to Park City..... Stick to Deer Valley and enjoy the empty mountain and crowded Main Street!

That said, next choice would be Snowbird, has it all (a little steep), and you can ski at Alta as well. Enjoy!
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For a brief moment I thought the title to this thread was

Utah with 2 wives and one kid.....
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Sadly, Snowbasin is no longer accepting tourists.
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Gpaul, during Sundance, there is NO accommodation in PC. Even couches are going for like 100 bucks a night.

But the resorts are deserted. People with accommodation are laughing (while stuck in the traffic).
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Originally Posted by ant View Post
Gpaul, during Sundance, there is NO accommodation in PC. Even couches are going for like 100 bucks a night.

But the resorts are deserted. People with accommodation are laughing (while stuck in the traffic).
That is entirely wrong.... this year..

Lodging reservations are way down and very good deals can be found.... Craigslist is littered with fantastic deals..... especially at the two Marriott's located in Park City, but those tend to be week long stays (although I have seen prices for the week that would be cheaper than the original poster's 500/night for 4 nights limit)

The Canyons also has 20% off lodging and free lift ticket for each night's stay during Sundance.
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Does anyone find it hard to believe he is leaving in nine days and doesn't have lodging booked for him and his family? During Sundance no less???? Please tell me this was a last minute, spur of the moment trip...

It will not be ski in/ski out but if you have a car why not stay in SLC proper or Midvale/Sandy/Cottonwood Heights? It would be a short 1/2 hour trip to the slopes each day. If you cannot be without ski in/ski out just call the resorts directly. They would be happy to take wads of your money if there is something available!
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Hmmm... The Park Record headlined with a story featuring Redford saying that it's not about the crowds, but the quality of the films... If you can get accomodations, Park City may be great- There are a great many swell condos- Snowflower is my favorite at PCMR due to closeness to the lifts and being on a dead end street backing up to the resort. It's got ski runs on one side, and woods on the other, as well as an honest-to- god old west graveyard next door-quiet neighbors. It's a bus ride or car trip across town to Old Town, being at the resort main base, it gets quiet at night, but my theory is stay at the skiing, travel uptown for the nightlife,crowds, and noise.
The Silver King, or any condos near the resort center are good, as are the Marriots- which are new and nice, but you're budget covers a lot- seems to me that spacious one bedrooms with separate kitchens were going for a bit over $400 a night when I researched a Bear gathering three years ago.. Deer Valley may have some good deals too. It's not that much more $ for the luxe- and packages can include lift tickets, that are running $85 or so now most places....(Your 6 year old is free at PC, both, I believe, at Snowbird)
Having said that, I think Solitude, Snowbasin, Alta, Snowbird would be really great too- depends on what you're looking for: scenery or a scene.

My favorite ski schools, in order, Deer Valley, Alta, PCMR, Sundance. Didn't care for Canyons, but only gave them one strike. It was with the organization, not the instructors. Haven't tried the others (with kids). Personally, I learned to ski at Alta and Snowbird ski schools, back in the day of Alf Engen... Can't say enough good things...
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Solitude. The name says it all.

Took my wife and 2 children (8 & 11) there last spring. They absolutely loved it. If your kids are into The Disney Channel; the movie "Johnny Tsunami" was filmed next door at Brighton. But my favorite part about Solitude is the complete lack of crowds and the length of time you can good powder lines after a storm.

Or, you never go wrong with the Alta Peruvian but it has gotten kinda pricey and it's not exactly relaxing trying to chase pow turns at Alta/Bird on a big day.
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I have narrowed it down to two. Any last minute advice . Coin Flip ?

Solitude The Village (Creekside) Nice for price

Snow Park Village Deer Valley Trails End/Pine Inn I like the fact that it has green runs at the top of the mouantain. More $ for sure.
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Originally Posted by 4Hogans View Post
Any last minute advice . Coin Flip ?
Ask your wife which one she would rather go to.
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Just in terms of natural beuty and being away from life I vote for solitude.
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I vote Solitude. Let the wife decide, you can't lose. Deer Valley is very Posh, has lots of expensive restaurants and Sundance going on. Creekside is also an elegant place, dining choices are more limited, but it's pristine and secluded, and very beautiful. Get a car and make a sidetrip to Alta and Park City, to ski or just for dinner.
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Soli, all the way. It's nice.

DV's greens are... not fun due to the often icyness, the crowds and the arrogant loons who harass the people who are on greens because they should be on greens.

If you want a nice family holiday, go the Soli option. BCC is really user-friendly, and you're within easy driving distance of LCC, SLC (you're in SLC!) and PC.
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I am new to this forum. I am impressed. Thanks guys for the advice. We are heading to Solitude.

Let it Snow. I will give a report after Our Trip.
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Originally Posted by 4Hogans View Post
I am new to this forum. I am impressed. Thanks guys for the advice. We are heading to Solitude.
Excellent choice.

Brighton's right next door, so do a day or two there. Brighton is the one resort that has easy-ish runs that go top to bottom.

But do not go to Brighton on Saturday - it's the only SLC resort where kids ski free, and it's overrun with LDS families and their kids (of which, they have a lot). Sunday, the Mormons are in church, so it's not as bad.

Buy your lift tickets in town before heading up the canyon and save $$$$.
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Soli is a nice choice. You'll have a nice holiday, you won't get ripped off, and it'll be easy to get there, get around and do things. BCC is pretty. I used to look down into it from the back of PCMR and admire it.
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Originally Posted by flaviaman View Post
For a brief moment I thought the title to this thread was

Utah with 2 wives and one kid.....
Well, he is going to Utah.
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Well, The Canyons is located away about 5-6 miles from DT PK City.

Hence, it is out of the way..if you want to head dowtown into the mix, you can. But you can easily stay away from it down that way.

The only thing is, Canyons really has like 1 beginner slope/lift. The rest is the most skiable acrage and varied terrain/ability levels anywhere around.

So maybe not the best choice for newbs.

Deer Valley, I think a bunch of snobs and not so good beginner runs put it out of the running for you also.

Never been to Powder Mountain, but looks like some good beginner and intermediate stuff mostly...and an entire 3 lifts to serve you!!! Looks small, but for your situation, maybe perfect.

Snow Basin doesn't look like it has much beginner stuff either, but otherwise, I might want to take a trip over and check that out with the guys sometime, looks pretty descent/sizable.

PK MT Resort is really a good grommer beginner/intermediate place...but since it is pretty much at the heart of DT PK Cty, you will be fighting the traffic, but as other have said, you would be surprised how empty the slopes are during that time. I mean, so much skiing and no breaks to wait on the lift gets tiresome quickly. Also, they have that bobsled thing the kids love right off the main payday lift. You can ride a bobsled on rails, the kids go crazy for that stuff and the line is sometimes a mile long to get on it at times. Seems more family oriented there than the others.

People are there to watch movies, party and be seen..not ski oddly.

Good luck.
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We have a family of three and have been to several.

Snowbird, loved the resort, people, not enough blues for the kids. Our favorite destination and when our kids are all mtn skiers, we will return.
Brighton, just not much to it, good for the kids.
Solitude, sleepy resort, easy access if you stay in the village, good community center for the kids to hang, slopes suited kids, only OK for adults.
We are going to try The Canyons next year...sounds like it will be more the size of Snowbird, but close enough to PC if we want to do other things.
Alta could be a good choice too. Have not skied there.

Have not ventured up to Ogden. Wife will be testing Snowbasin in Feb.
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What did you think of Honeycomb at soli, Weogio?
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Can you give us a report?  I'm considering going to Solitude, and I'm interested to hear how it went.



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Try The Canyons in the Park City area. Alta is also a good bet for the scenery. The beginner runs there are good, but limited.


Opps, just noticed the post date on this thread. Sorry for the late advice. What did you end up going with? 

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