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Demo Day at Elk. a few 09's... Elan, Volkl, Head, Rossi

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My specs: 5’10” 200 lb. Skiing 30+ years. Gear junkie by trade.

My own equipment: (as of 1/9/08 8:40 PM EST, Subject to change.)

Dalbello Krypton Pro ID

Current Skis/Bindings:
Blizzard Magnum 8,7, Marker 5/14TT IQ
NeverSummer 102, Marker Jester
K2 PBR Rocker 179, Marker Jester
Elan 888, Marker Jester

Temps: teens

Conditions: Upper Tunkhannock, 8-12" of fresh blown snow over boilerplate. As the day wore on, it got bumpy and chopped up with spots of the ice coming through. The rest of the mountain was firm but edge able groomers.

Every test run included (at least) one run down Tunkhannock and a groomer.

(in the order i skied them..)

Head Chip Monster 170cm. I thought this ski was supposed to be dead? I would not say the ski was dead at all, more like smooth like a fine scotch. I actually liked the smoothness of this ski on the groomers but it was a but not the ski I liked best in the crud.

Volkl AC50 177cm. I was very interested in getting on this ski as a comparison to my Blizzard Magnum 8.7's. These two skis are marketed to the same segment. What has been said about this ski, is true, it is a freight train, especially in the 177 that I skied. It blew through the crud on Tunkhannock like it wasn't there at all. I think I had my fasted run down Tunk on this ski, nothing got in its way. On the groomers, this ski railed. I am not sure what the tune was on it, but it was super. I liken this ski to a BMW X5 4.8Si, an SUV that will run with most any sports car out there.

Rossi CX80 170cm. This is another ski I have been dying to get on. The last Rossi I have enjoyed skiing was the ST from 1980, every Rossi since then has just bored me. Not that these were not good skis, but they had no personality. I was really hoping that was not the case with this ski. First thing I will say is I like the grapchics, clean and simple, a concept that has been lost by most manufacturers of late. Second, this ski is stiff, I think it too many Mg's of Viagra. The stiffness was real nice on the hardpack and groomers but was its downfall when I got it into the crud.

Elan Pogo Stick 175cm. The ski was mounted closer to the park position than the freeride. I tend enjoy a ski in this 90 +/-mm waist range. I think I would have enjoyed this one more if it was mounted back some. On the crud I felt like I was on a ski way too short but on the groomers it really held a turn nicely. I do like the bottle opener in the tail.

In Conclusion:
Where I am not a fan of Elan's Fusion skis, I do like their 888,999, Pogo "flat" skis... a lot. Now, if I could take Blizzards Magnum Series and Elan's "flat" skis versus Blizzards fatter IQ skis Cronos and Argos, I would be a happy consumer with one company. While I was impressed with the AC50, I would still choose my Magnum 8.7 over it, it is just a more playful ski. i would have liked to try the Rossi and Head in one size up.
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Nice review Phil.
I was looking at the Rossi CX 80. Am glad to know your impressions on it.
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