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Swix Wax Question

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I was applying Swix LF wax last night and my kids race skis and I started to wonder ... after hotscraping, should I apply a CH layer first and then the LF (eg CH 6 followed by LF 6) or just apply the LF wax?

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CH as a base for LF is a good approach.
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Since it would be rather wasteful to hot scrape with a moly-bearing CH, that is probably when I would add one.

If the Wax of the Day was a cold wax like LF4 I would probably also melt a bit of CH6 or something onto the bases just so whatever is left of the hot scrape wax in the bases doesn't smoke when hit with an iron set to a hard wax setting.

Otherwise, I think I would just use the LF after hot scrape, it isn't really very fluoro at all.
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If you have money, go with LF or even HF only. There's no benefit mixing CH waxes into fluoro waxes.
If money is issue, and you want base layer, then apply CH first, scrap it off, brush skis like it's ready after this wax already, and only then apply LF.
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