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Stone grind question

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I just spoke with the shop tech where I'm *thinking* about taking my old ModX's for a grind... he explained to me that the high rpm of their machine will "case harden" the edges which will require less maintenance in the future...

Since I normally tune my skis (sharpen and hot wax) I am not sure that's such a good idea... hardening the edges is like tempering the metal, which will make them harder to sharpen, right?

What do you experts think?

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I think he's nuts. True case hardening would change the nature of the steel (bring more carbon to the surface). If they are pressing the skis against the stone so hard that it's cooking the edges blue, then something is wrong. By itself, the high RPM won't cook the edges if the skis are fed through the machine correctly. There may be a teeny amount of hardening, but it should be minimal.
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The edges shouldn't be hitting the stone at all, if the edges DO hit the stone then you need to re-dress the stone over and over and re-tune the edges (stone ground edges ski BAD) if you re-tune the base edge you need to re-stone the ski... see a problem here? Also, stones are REALLY expensive... guy's a tool.
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I have to agree with the above comments. If that shop is case hardening your edges then they don't know what they're doing and they should not have your skis.
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The only case hardening that your edges should ever get is when you make jump turns on rocks! Not from tuning!
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