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Toeplate on Tecnica Dragon 100s keeps breaking

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So, I bought a pair of Tecnica Dragon 100s from the Boot Doctors in Taos. The fit is fine (after adjustments), but after only 4 days of skiing on them, the toe plate (i think that's what it is called) has cracked twice, on the same boot. Im referring to the replaceable piece of red plastic that gets worn down over time. Its supposed to be replaced, but the two times I've ejected in the 4 days of skiing since, and it has cracked and completely come off.

After the first time, I made the drive back up to Taos (I live in Santa Fe), and the Boot Doctors fixed it promptly (as well as made some requested fit adjustments). A week later while skiing up at Ski Santa Fe, it broke again. So, looks like another trip up to get it repaired AGAIN.

I think the Boot Doctors are great, and highly recommend them, so this isn't a post against them, but it is a post concerning the Dragon's and if anyone has experienced similar problems.

I'm not about to make a 2 hr trip up to Taos everytime this happens, which happens EVERY time I eject, so I'm going to ask to try a different brand entirely at this point.

Anyway, I'm pretty frustrated and wanted to get everyone's thoughts or if they had a similar experience with the Dragon's?

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It's a new model

So I haven't seen any issues with the toeplate busting.
What kind if binding do you have on the ski?
If the binding is one such as a Salomon or Atomic type with a toe height adjustment that is not properly adjusted, that may be the cause of early failure.
If not, I don't know. I do know that I havent seen any issues with this yet.
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the first time were high performance rentals from the ski rental place at the base of Ski Santa Fe. They don't have good equipment nor demos (nor knowledgable or experienced techies, for that matter). since they were older xcreams, they were likely older salomon bindings. I then bought one of their xcreams for $25 as a pair of rock skis, and had a function test done on the bindings at REI. They are Salomon bindings, not sure what model at the moment, as I'm at work right now. The DIN only goes to 10, and I have them at 9 (I usually set my DINs at 10-11).

i demo'd AC50s, Watea 84s, and Fury's, with high end bindings from Taos boot doctors, but never ejected, so can't compare if its bad bindings vs good bindings.

The first eject with the toepiece breaking was me going back and up out of my ski (got on my tails in the bumps and ski shot out in front of me), and the second was landing in crud from a small jump, skis sinking and stopping and me doing a 10ft face plant (yes, it hurt real bad), so I ejected directly forwards.
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