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Race drills without gates?

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I was wondering if there is any way to imporve your racing skills without running gates? If not is NASTAR worth using to try and at least learn something?
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Hi lonewolf210. Good racing is all about having good general skiing skills, so yes, there's heeps you can do out of the gates to improve your times in the gates. Jumping in a NASTAR course is great experience, and you can learn about line and where to start your turns. And the handicap you receive will be a good indicator of how your basic skiing skills stack up, and give you a baseline from which measure the skill improvements you later make outside the gates.
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Railroad tracks are a good drill - find a freshly groomed cat track or flat beginner slope and make turns only by tipping your feet. If you only leave pencil thin lines (i.e. railroad tracks), you are doing it correctly. If you steer your feet at all, you'll wash out the rr tracks.

Find a chair that's leaving shadows on the slope and you can use the shadows as gates.
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The skills you use in a race course are the same ones you would use skiing anywhere else. The difference is that the gate placement defines where you would turn. So learning a new movement there is harder simply because it isn't east to concentrate on your line and developing new techniques simultaneously. Groove your moves first. Then take them with you into the race course.
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