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DIN Question/Help

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I got a new pair of Elan 888s and was using them in very heavy crud yesterday. I blew out of the heels 5 times, and one other time last week. That's more heel release that I have had in the previous half dozen seasons put together. I checked the DIN on the new bindings and they had set it to 6. I'm 55, 220 lbs., 6' 1", level 8. My other skis, same length, with similar bindings which I bought from the same shop two years ago have their setting at 8. I tightened up my new ones to a 7, but was wondering if I should just go to the 8 instead because I don't blow out of the other bindings in similar conditions.

While I have a lot of experience skiing, I'm not an equipment fiend, so I'm a little reticent about messing too much with my DIN settings, but 5 is way too low and is dangerous.

Any advice?
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What binding?

Your boot sole length is a key component of the equation. What is your BSL in MM?
Shorter the BSL the higher the DIN!
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Punch your numbers into this and see what you come up with;

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Originally Posted by Rossi Smash View Post
Punch your numbers into this and see what you come up with;

Nice calculator!

One word of warning on all DIN charts though, if you are borderline of any category, Weight, Age, Height, Ability, and BSL it could go either way as much as 1.5 higher or lower setting.
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Thanks for the calculator. I should be at 8, which is what the first set of bindings are set at. I didn't think very highly of the guy who took my order for the mount, but he wasn't the one doing it. Apparently, they put me in as a type 2. It doesn't work for me.

Thanks for all of your help.
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I start on the low end at 8 and turn the din up 1/4 turn every three pre-releases or so, until it stops. I ussually wind up near 9. I'm 5'10" 160 lb.
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I'm a little heavier than teton, same height, 315mm sole, and have settled in between 8 and 9 too. I had a "good" release with my Fischer/Tyrolia binding at that setting yesterday. First release in a while.
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Once you turn 50 they move you up one notch lower on the charts. For me that puts me at 7 instead of 8 1/2. My guess is the shop that set your skis at 8 missed the age factor (which is probably good if you're in good shape & using the skis a lot in heavy crud.)
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