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Buying online for shipment to Canada?

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Hi all

I'm trying to buy skis online for delivery to Canada, but I am struggling to find a decent site. Most places I find (US based) deliver for free within the lower 48, but charge as soon as you cross the border.

Does anyone know of a Canadian online retailer?

Cheers, and happy winter,

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i'm assuming that you want to buy online because you are trying to save money. unless you know exactly what you want (and it's last years stuff) i wouldn't bother with US online shops. canadian retailers got to buy 08/09 product last year when the loonie was really strong (as i'm assuming that they end up paying in US dollars? can anyone confirm that?) So you can get really good prices on this years stuff in canada. movement skis (for example) are cheaper at retail price in canadian dollars, then they are in the US in US dollars. line skis are also super cheap for what you get. So head to the local, ask questions, ask for a best price, and then compare online.
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www.sportinglife.ca is now online
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what are you looking to buy?
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It tends to be shipping fee's that kill Canadian online retailers. I sell quite a bit on ebay (no ski stuff heh), and I'm Canadian, living in the US right now,but i go back and fourth a lot. When I have to sell out of Canada the shipping prices in Canada (Canada Post or uPS) are so high, it often eats up any discount in the purchase price. As soon as a US shipper has to send to Canada and has to pay the international shipping, they can't get a guaranteed delivery time without paying extremely high shipping charges so it then makes the items so much more it typically cancels out the savings. With going through customs, even the guaranteed delivery time can be held up and if held up by customs, customers just don't get it in time. Customers are also responsible for duty and such if customs opens the package and deems so. Then it gets delivered to you with an additional COD to be paid to customs. This is the largest reason so few ship to Canada and so few in Canada bother with online sales yet. Shipping and postage fees in the US are about half of Canadian standard shipping and postage fees. Canada Post has made some strides to get slightly better and cheaper packaging and shipping pricing and supplies for ebay sellers, but they just aren't there yet, compared South of the Border. Shipping is easy and reasonable down here, in spite some large increases in price this year when gas increased.
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I could easily pay out the extra shipping fees and still save about $150. bucks on a binding. It's those maybe we will and maybe we won't custom's fees that scare me away from buying US.
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I ship skis,(other stuff) Canada to U.S./ U.S. to Canada.

A few simple rules I follow:

Use the Post Office on both sides.
Use the cheapest airmail.
Fill out the forms 100%. Return address on the package.
Package it properly. DON'T LAUGH!! People do actually package and try and ship skis in 1 sheet of newspaper. ALWAYS! clearly and in large enough letters label the contents on the package.
Measure and weigh it before you give/get a quote.
I don't even give out exact quotes anymore. I give out maximums and rough quotes and collect the maximum and send back the change,

Rule #1:
If the seller/buyer don't/won't use the Post Office see rule #2
Rule#2. You may end up with BIG PROBLEMS!!!$$$.
Rule #3: Many retailers in the U.S will not use the cheapest air service to Canada because it advertises too many days for delivery and then when people don't get their goodies in about 1/2 an hr they are on the 800 # or email pesterring the hell out of them. EVEN though delivery times have been/are very clearly stated.It does take often about 2 1/2 weeks..A very polite call or email and your understanding of a bit of extra time for delivery usually presses the magic "save me some cash please and I will not complain" button. Understand that many retailers will not ship the cheapest /slower way because of complaints..having their accounts frozen by Ebay/Paypal. Oh that is fun when you are busy,

Duties are based on the value of the goods. NOT what was paid.
The "gift" thinggy has been abused. Use your head on that one. Don't expect retailers to do that.
U.S. to Canada duties. If they open your stuff and you get caught lying a little..(SHHH)..or the item is actually worth more than you paid..they are usually happy to: (SHHH)..on the spot.. if delivered by the mailman..just charge you the PST and GST (of it's newly assessed value)(SHHH) and another $5 fee. Pay it. Give the mailman an extra few$ for coffee too.
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elvistheskiman has a big ebay store out of Quebec. He has been a great dealer for several years.
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Deep Powder Ski Hut

Ask for Jason. He does a great job, good prices and no PST out of Calgary. 1-866-SKI-DEAL.
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