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Killington 1-9-09 Trees+Powder=Bliss

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Despite having skied for over 35 years, this is only my second season that I have been tree skiing. Over that short period of time, I have grown to love it. Tree skiing (especially on steep, narrow runs like Killington’s Anarchy) tests all of my skills. It requires keen perception of the terrain and how my body is moving across the terrain.

What I like best about tree skiing is the intense concentration it demands. Unlike skiing on open terrain where my mind typically wanders, my mind is sharply focused on the task at hand when tree skiing. I can’t be worrying about things like my retirement account or troubles at work. Those things don’t matter. What matters is avoiding the next tree racing towards me. When done successfully, ripping through the trees is bliss.

Yesterday was the first day of the season that I could really enjoy tree skiing. Killington received about a foot of new snow the prior day. The gusty winds had blown a lot of the snow into the woods, where I spent most of the day. The groomed runs I skied on to get to and from the trees, like Superstar, Cascade and Flume, had very little soft snow on them. The snow was all blown off or mashed down by the groomers, so if you were there to just ski groomers, it was a typical New England hard pack day.

During the morning, I skied the trees on Big Dipper. The powder was boot deep and there were only a few places where I hit ice or rocks. It was somewhat firm and wind scarred, not like the soft powder I experienced at Stratton on December 20 (see my 12/20 TR), but it did not make turning difficult. One good thing about the wind is that it erased the tracks from yesterday, leaving mostly untracked powder in the morning.

Big Dipper

After four or five runs on Big Dipper, I skied Anarchy, which, being more protected from the wind, had mostly compacted snow from the skiers and boarders from the prior day.

I then skied over to the Superstar chair.

I wanted to ski Julio but it was closed, so I skied the upper part of Ovation a few times. Ovation had great powder.


I then headed back to the Canyon area and skied the trees beside East Fall and below Racer's Edge.

Canyon Quad

There was a good amount of untracked, boot deep powder here.

The Throne

After lunch, I explored Killington's new terrain park, called the Stash.

There are a lot of great features here that are made out of trees. I was hoping to see some tricks, but there were only a few boarders standing around.

I spent most of the afternoon skiing the trees off the Skyeship gondola. The wind had picked up and temps were in the single digits, so riding the chairs was not too comfortable.

At the bottom of the Vertigo Headwall, I discovered a tree run I had not tried before that was the run of the day for me. This run is called The Stairs and had a lot of untracked powder. Even at 3:30 PM, I was still finding fresh lines. After a few runs, I felt a lot more confident. By the end of the day, I was ripping through the trees here. Sheer bliss!

The Stairs

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Awesome TR!

Great to see you getting into tree skiing!
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