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Critique my SL turns

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I still wash out a bit with my knee brace on a bit, but I think it's much better.




For a comparison, this was my first time on skis in years a few months ago at St Moritz

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There is improvement. Look at your body position as you ski by the camera. You are on your heels and bending at the waist to try to keep centered. This is why your skis wash out along with an extra push out on the outside foot after the fall line. Your stance doesn't allow your legs to rotate and that's why your turns lack shape that is the signature of slalom turns.

Your late edging movements are causing you to lean on the inside foot toward the end of the turn and also making your transition rushed, causing a very low edge toward the fall line.

There are quite a few issues here, I suggest you start by getting a more balance functional stance over the center of the ski.

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Make some very slow weding turns and get it filmed. What Ron said. Try to make the turns very round with a same ammount of drift in every turn. Aim for rounded turn shape and try to balance over the outside ski. In your video the kind of turns you make and how you make them at that speed in ref to the slope pich is off.
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mbp, did you feel like you were carving your turns while you were making these?
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