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Jay Peak Sun. Jan 11

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A couple of my friends and I are headed to Jay this Sunday. A few of them are beginner-intermediates and may be spending a lot of time on greens and blues. I'll probably spend some time with them and then go explore on my own.

I'm more of an advanced intermediate and may be spending some time off by my lonesome in the blues and blacks. Anyone here want to keep me/us company?
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I'd love to, but unfortunately it's the first weekend after I just spent two straight weeks there, and for some reason the S.O. doesn't want to go back yet...

There aren't a lot of good blue options there, but if your buddies are skiing Northway to Taxi then there's lots of good stuff for you to hit along the way and still be able to meet up with them on the taxi.

There should be a bunch of good snow up there for you, enjoy!

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