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going to steamboat in march and i am looking for lift ticket deals. anybody know of any.
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2 minor "deals".

One is the "same day of arrival" ticket, like the one in SLC, where you get a free ticket on the day you fly in (so get there early), but it's only good if you fly in on Delta. I knew about it a couple of years ago so I asked again, but it's virtually impossible to find anything on their site, and getting Steamboat to respond is like pulling teeth. Call and / or write often.

The second is using AMEX vouchers (8,000 points / day) I think, but there's a lot of blackout dates, including the days I'll be there.
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www.powpowplatter.com might be worthwhile if you're planning on going elsewhere (i.e Winter Park/Copper)

The voucher book from www.eduproject.com has a few vouchers which will get you $10-$15 off per day.

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