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So I'm sitting here in South Dakota. It's a sunny, 70-ish day, no snow anywhere. We can't even make the stuff yet. It's November for Cripe's Sake!!!

Anyway, I got motivated enough to watch some training videos of my staff from last year as well as some PSIA-produced vids. I just finished the AASI Snowboard Vid and I must say I'm impressed!! I had never seen it before today and it's a breath of fresh air compared to the "Watching the paint dry" PSIA pukes out year after year.

My question is this:
Are there any training videos out there that get instructors excited about skiing? (I don't want to hear it from non-gang members because Harb, Hobart, etc. are just as sterile!) The Snowboard Vid is concise, simple, very educational and MOTIVATIONAL! I want to get on the snow now!!

Kudos to the snowboard crowd. Skiers... take notice and start having fun while you train.

Spag's quote of the day:
"Heeeee's a big pig! You can be a big pig too! Oi!!!!"
- Timon in "The Lion King" -
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Hi NS--

My favorites are still, and probably always will be, watching World Cup footage, and footage of World Cup racers training. While the level of athleticism is beyond the wildest dreams of most "human" skiers, and while they are often skiing on the ragged edge just a little beyond even THEIR comfort zones (and thus, few of their turns are technically "perfect"), they are still definition of how it's done.

Some argue that alpine racing is but a small subset of ski technique, and that other skiers are "just as good" in their fields. But I contend that no subjectively "judged" event will ever bring out the most efficient movements and weed out the chaff like the cold, objective hands of the stop watch!

That's not to say that I don't also enjoy watching footage of "extreme skiing" and freestyle competition. But what is usually most impressive there is the athleticism and, indeed, the dramatic recoveries, not the perfection of the technique. Perfect technique is "boring" in these venues!

Last night I watched again a tape given to me by a visiting Japanese instructor last season. It features K. Watanabe (I don't remember his first name), of the Japanese Demonstration Team. While it's entirely in Japanese, the skiing is great. And the progression of exercises he demonstrates is very different from what we might do here. It would seem that the idea is to introduce the extreme movements and edge angles of expert skiing from the beginning, with the assumption that once the skiers pick up speed, these movements will be appropriate.


What have you found? I hope you can get that thermometer fixed soon!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I saw one about a year again at a PSIA-E event. I think the film was from Switzerland and their Interski squad.

One scene shows three skiers approaching you. You can only see from the chest up because the trail has a drop off, but you can tell they are following in the leader's path. Then as they crest the drop off...

the leader is skiing, followed by a tele, and then a boarder!!! All three in sychro!! Gracefull!!

Interski films and the annual ski school sychroski in Colorado. Does anyone know where I can get video on these? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Bob: Please explain what those other ski disciplines (aside from racing) are. Be sure to type real slow because I'm hard of hearing.

The thing that drives me crazy while trying to watch the big air stuff, is that half the time they probably didn't make the landing and the film gets snipped.......... next rider please........ you know he's going to sing soprano if he lands like that SNIP....
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He'll sing soprano, but at least he got a free lift ticket and maybe a meal for making that jump. They might even pay the hospital bills.....


Hey Yuki--I was in Flemington, NJ, a couple weeks ago--should have looked you up! My grandmother lives there, on Orchard Drive, and I have several other relatives in the area. I hadn't noticed that that's where you live--sorry!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Bob: Next time in time give a holler!
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