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MA on carving

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It seems what I learn over my ski trip also applies to my carving. Any advise and comment will be much appreciated.

skis: Racetiger SL stock on icy hard surface
focus: smooth transition. Carving as slow as I could.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Special thanks to BigE for offering so much help so far.
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Nice turns!
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Very nice indeed . Congrats to you and to BigE. One thing, you need a helmet.
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Looking good carver.

Here's a fun little drill you might want to play with:
Grab your poles at the basket and grip. Hold them up in front of you, and keep them facing downhill (that is across the fall line tips pointing to one side of the hill and grips pointing at the other) and horizontal as you make those same turns you showed in the video. It provides a little stretching for the core, helps with counter (makes you stretch a little) and angulation (keeps your shoulders level) and not dropping the upper inside back.

You can do it fast or slow. I like to vary the speed. I start out trying to carve as tight as I can without slipping, and usually end up just going for as many g's as I can manage which means opening it up a bit on the steeper bit of my tiny hill and making a hard turn at the bottom.
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Thanks all for the very kind comment and advise.

Ghost - I can imagine your drill should help. Yes, the core is currently my weakest part. I ll see how it goes doing it.
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brushed carve?

Focus was to stay carving so as to control speed. What I really look for is highC skiing and brushing off speed soon after edge engagement. Thanks in advise for any advise.

what i don't like: my head was still shaking for unknown reason.
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This is almost pure inclination -- ie banking, and looks very lazy.  There is no counterbalancing going on here.  I know that most folks equate counterbalance with knee angulation and edging, but an engaged edge happens ONLY when the edge reaches critical angle.  Otherwise the turn will be brushed.


So you should still counterbalance, just not to the point that your edges get to critical angle.


Remember, ski with your feet and legs!  The upper body merely supports the movements of the feet.


There is no reason that the body cannot continue downhill while you still ski with your legs.

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Originally Posted by BigE View Post

So you should still counterbalance, just not to the point that your edges get to critical angle.

Thanks for the great advise.


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rock climbing on the steep underbellies of Hueco Tanks will also help the core. It'll also get you out of your boot and into the sunshine a little bit :-)~ 

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I intentionally add in more counter balance and flexion. But there are obvious back seat again. Thanks in advance for any help.


btw there could also be alignment issue as I only use regular footbed instead of my custom footbed in the skiing.

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