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I have a pair of Technica's i've usedf for 4 years. been punched out on the and grinded many times in the toe box area. but i've never been able to get the right fit. my pinky toes feel cramped all the time. evenmore so, i can now make my feet move up and down in them, as if the padding on the top and bottom have been compressed. i also noticed now that my heel lifts, and feels like the heel area lining has been compressed to the max, because i feel the heel hitting a a small wall/bump/ledge when i lift the heel. there also really soft, and have gotten really really soft over the years, i can flex alot in them, and i never hit the wall, it just keeps going, just accumlated resistance.

now question.
brand wise, which boot company usually has a wide fit in the toe box area, and good heel cup?
another thing, would an insole like superfeet red be able to compensate for the overall lining compression problem?
...lastly, am i using the boots for too long? they were only $150. and i've gotten 4 good years out of them, Should i just get new boots?

thanks guys, any recs?

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Yes, it is time for new boots. Find a good fitter and have them assess your needs and help you get into the right boot. Be prepared to spend a little more than $150 to get it right but consider all the great comfortable skiing you will be doing in the right boot for you!? If there is one place to splurge a bit on skiing equipment it is without a doubt ski boots.

good luck
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see a boot fitter:

sounds like the shape is wrong for you. Too narrow forefoot, and too big else where...
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kay sounds good. for this year though, would just having a footbed work out? next year, i'll be in university, so i might not go as often
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a footbed might help, but not much, try one in the boot and see?
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yea, tried it out, it seems to kinda fill it up, though the toe box aint gonna get wider with an insole.

i was looking at Dalbellos, can anyone give me a little shipiel about it?
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like all companies, they make a few shapes, flexes, etc.

As Bud and I have suggested, find a good boot fitter and see what actually fits. They dont charge any more then retail, but know what they are doing and will get you in the right boot....

If you are spending $150 only still, just find the cheapest thing you can on ebay, and good luck.
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hey .

thanks for the help.

funny story.

I was working at sporting life, when a kind man came up to me for help.

when i was finished, he offered me his old boots, that he didn't want, cause he got new boots that day.

so i said yea. and they happened to be my size, used once and looked reall cool. Best wishes to that guy.

but yea, i picked up new boots, got them boot punched, and now their perfect. HEAD EDGE 9.8, for free.



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