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Whistler 1-3/1-9

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I'll post some pictures later but we arrived in Whistler on the 3rd and started skiing on the 4th. The 4th and 5th were epic, great powder, runs were awesome, slopes were pretty barren of people. We have been in whistler the first week of January the last 3 years and this year it was very quiet, ski down and get on the lift quiet. Tuesday and Wednesday it rained and rained but it was a good time to recover from a hangover and sore legs.

Thursday was a great day on Backcomb and shitty day on Whistler. The peak to peak is a life saver (BTW who all is a peak to peak member )

Friday we decided to take it easy and try snowboarding one member (pics to come) made it 20' off the magic carpet and ended with the session with a broken wrist . The good thing is that the Whistler medical center is one of the best at setting broken bones. All in all the trip was great, we love Whistler and will be back week 1 next year.
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One day at Hunter I stopped to reassure a snowboard girl with a broken wrist, whose friend had gone ahead to call the Patrollers.
She was worried about getting down, and I explained to her how safe the sled is.
A few days later I found out that the daughter of some friends had broken her wrist the following day, snowboarding at Hunter.
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