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Hey guys

I'm in the market - at the worst time I know - for a pair of new boots. I'd classify myself a level 8 aggressive skiier, and generally prefer speed. 5'11, 175. Mostly ski on the east coast but ski at least 7 days out west or in Europe. Truthfully I've never bought a pair of really aggressive boots. I had one for 2 years that supposedly were but I quickly realized they were a size too large and basically weren't what I needed. I'm a size 26 Mondo length-wise, but I have a wide forefoot. Have a pair of Elan 168's - they are aggressive skiis but truth be told I don't remember the exact model, they are similar to the M 666 model. I'm looking for a boot with a flex rating between 90 and 100. I could go more but I know that after a few days my feet will be giving me a lot of trouble, particularly the forefoot.

I've narrowed my choices down to 2 boots. Atomic B100 vs. Nordica Speedmachine 8's. I want a top-line boot, but don't exactly want to break the bank.

The Speedmachine fits me very well. Tried it in store, very comfortable with it. Fits a little tight on my left foot (larger foot) and I can feel it press somewhat against the inner forefoot bone. I've not tried on the B100 series, but I've tried on the H 80 and H 100 series. They seem to fit relatively well. But I've never skiied either pair.

My questions are:

1) I've heard Atomic and Dalbello boots flex ratings are more stiff than that of Nordica, Salomon, etc. So a 100 flex rating on Atomics are more like 110/120 on Nordica. Is this true?

2) I've also heard Atomics are a narrow fit. I thought they fit relatively well when I tried the 80s and 100s. Every B100 description I've read online says they have a wider base. Is it true that they typically fit more narrow?

3) Is there any other brand you can recommend that would be competitive with these two, but more importantly, have a wide forefront? I know the Dalbello protons are good but i have tried them and definitely not for me. The Dalbellos fit very poorly.

I'm toosed up between the two, as the Speedmachine's I know how they fit exactly but I'm seeing them for about $150 more than I can get the Atomics for. Not a dealbreaker but if the Atomics are a good fit (if they are indeed as advertized wider forefoot) I wouldn't mind.

As always your help is greatly appreciated.