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OMG Snowstorm in SW Pa.

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According to the news , tonight's snow fall might eclipse the most snow recieved since last Feb of 5.25 in. Grocery stores experiencing a heavy run on milk, eggs, bottled water and of course TP!

True to form the local weather is throwing in the possibility of sleet being interspersed with the snow. Anyway , its great to have winter back with the bonus of precip. I'll be throwing caustion to the wind tomorrow about 6:15 AM and am heading out to the local hill where hopefully the snow fall will be greater.

My usual partner will be absent having suffered a sprained ankle while power walking on the deck of a crusie ship last week. Fell down near the shuffle board court I am told !

I'm stoked.
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Sounds like a winner!
Our forecast is for extended warm, clear and dry. With temps pulling into the 60s, skiing will be full on spring. Considering we are in a serious drought, this is not good news.
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Spring skiing is better than no skiing. Get out there. Ski it while you can!
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The huge storm forecast for today came as sleet and freezing rain in the Laurel Highlands. After skiing ice crusted at 7 Springs I got home, north of Pittsburgh, with 5" of snow and drizzle. Blue Knob on the eastern Allegheny front reported 6" over night with up to 9" through the day. I should have drove that extra hour. Blue Knob next week. I hope they get more open. Stembogen would be nice, Extrovert even better.
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Yep, we got skunked again! Missed the snow line by 20-30 miles it looked like.
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I am convinced that "winter warning forecasts" are bought and paid for by local supermarkets.
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Our local news weather forecasts are sponsored by the local grocery chains that is a fact!

There is inverse correlation between the the amount of bread on the shelves and the strength of the hurricane or winter storm warnings.
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