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calf ache

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I realize that if your thighs ache and you weren't doing any tucks that day, you're in the back seat. But after last Saturday my calves hurt. In the morning we had groomed with a little soft stuff on top. It was a bit slow but nice.

In the afternoon it warmed up. Snow was sticking to my students' skis. Mine were good due to my religious waxing. Snow was getting a bit wet and heavy.

I was wondering if this ache was due to the heavy snow and nothing to worry about or do you think I may have been forcing my way through things instead of just taking my time and letting the skis do the work?

BTW- this might not relate, but during a lesson I saw a snowboarder on his face, not moving. i told my students to stay put, and I made a bee-line for him. This took me through some deep, heavy stuff which intimidates me, I'll admit. I was too concerned about getting to the boarder I didn't notice I was headed for my nemisis- the heavy mashed potatoes. It shocked me but due to speed I stayed on top and went right through. The boarder was ok.

I was in the stuff for only a few seconds but could that have produced the aches?

BTW- I keep running into previous students who want to show me how they have improved. Not trying to be self-serving here. But I feel that's my real paycheck when you see progress.

Maybe it's my boot liners. Been having trouble with them lately. But then, maybe I didn't hold my tongue right?!
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Sometimes in tense situations people ski with their toes curled under. It tightens up the calves and lower back. If you find yourself doing this it could be the source of the soreness. A lot of people do it without even knowing. Causes problems with technique also.
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Jyarddog, Dude! What's up!

Sometimes you just need to stretch those legs. Remember the thread recently from the guy with cramped arches? Also, avoid getting dehydrated as that will take you to cramp central as the day progresses.

Lars, I seem to recall that you will coming to the Northwest? Was it BC and Washington, or is Oregon a possibility?
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BadRat, B.C. the 25th to the 30th and Crystal Alpenthal the 31rst to the 2nd. Not enough time to hit Oregon this trip. Sorry man. Bachelor will be on my future list though. Can you make it up to Wa.
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JYD: Trying to push your feet forward through the heavy stuff can cause you to tighten your toes against the footbeds and result in tensing the calf muscles.
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BadRat- Gotta hit Gart right now but I rememberyour post about stretching. I'll do that. Toes idea is good to remember.

Lars- Where are you? Mikla is is in Carnation, WA. Maybe Bad and me can meet you and Mikla sometime and do Hyak.

Just remembered... At some point in the day I had to get back into my wife's liners. I was in a hurry and put the liners in the wrong dang boot! So left liner was in the right boot and vs. I thought something didn't feel right. My control didn't seem to be "there' either. I htought it was just eh heavy snow, which , come to think of it was far less heavy than a few weeks ago. That may have contributed to this as well.

Gotta run. Have to go fight with a bunch of skis and newbie skiers who don't want wax because they don't want to go too fast!
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A friend of mine in hired boots had desperately aching calves. When he changed boots it was much better. So could have been the liner switch.
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I remeber getting sore calfs when I was experimenting with heel lifts. Always pulling myself upright from too much ramp.
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Thanx for the info, y'all. i didn't notice the pain until I got home. I think that day I also only had one small cup of water, too. So all of the above may have contributed to the owie.
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