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Other wide boots

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Hello all. I bought some used Rossi boots offline only to find they fit me horribly when they came in. Luckily I was able to send them back. Anyways, I went to a shop and tried on some boots and the best fitting, of their limited selection, were the 09 Head Edge+ 8.5. Now I really wanted to try on the Edge+ 9's but they did not have my size in. So I have a few question. First, will the Edge+ 9 fit the same as the Edge+ 8.5? I found some good deals online for the 08 Edge boots, they should fit the same correct? I noticed that the main difference Im seeing is that the Head boots show a width of 104mm and I do have wide feet. What other boots out there fit similar to the heads? Thanks alot guys, Im a 27.0 if that makes any difference.
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all the edges should fit the same (huge volume, both front and rear)

any boot can be made a lot wider by any boot fitter, maybe see one?

Are you in a 27 boot, or have a weighted 27 foot?. 10-11 shoe should be in that boot

that edge is a low end, huge volume boot, I have seen a bunch that are oversized
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Check out the listing in the deals section. I have a pair of edge 10's size 27.5 for $225.00. Fits the same as a 27.
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