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line prophet 90 or 100

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I skied the prophet 100 in Beaver Creek two weeks back but I would like some advice about the 90 vs 100, as I ski about 10 days a year in vermont. Usually ski two weeks out west. Would the 90 be better as an all around ski? Any other recommendations are welcome.
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I think 90 would be better. I have 90 mm pocket rockets and 105 mm Gotamas, and while the Gots are a superior ski, I really believe the 90mm size is a lot more versatile. So in the same brand, the 90 should be the same quality, but, again, more versatile.
I really like that ski width; you can ski the deepest powder, yet still have a fairly quick, easy ski in all conditions.
Good luck!
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I second the Prophet 90. Although the 100 is a very versatile 100mm waisted ski it lacks the edge grip that you should prefer for east coast conditions. The 90 and 100 both have the metal matrices but the 100 has substantially less metal making it a torsionally softer ski which is why it has less edge grip.

In the long run they are both great skis but the 90 is definitely a more versatile ski for the conditions that you will find most often.
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