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Thanks for all the help in the past, (and for supplying my wife with my Christmas gifts!).

On to my questions: I guess I'll just use my older DMT Black diamond stone for my "travel kit" to knock off burrs. Which 70mm diamond do you recommend I get for keeping up the edges after the coarse? I only want to carry two diamonds for my Multi Tuner. Also, will plain water be OK for a lube? I have the sauce at home, but don't want to travel with it.

Thanks Terry!
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My pleasure and thank you.

I don't have a DMT diamond to compare thicknesses relative to Moonflex or Maplus diamonds, but either are excellent options. IMO, a 200 is your primary diamond for touch up and followed with a 400 (or finer if you feel the need). Then a 100 grit is good for more cutting as needed (or a metal file if really chewed up edges or setting geometry). Water is OK as a minimum and limited use, the lube is better and a 2 oz sprayer is pretty small for traveling convenience.

As and aside, I really like the smaller OR Backcountry organizers. They are useful year round for travel, in the car, BC trips, whatever and are great for a small and convenient tuning kit.

Edit: FTR Moonflexes are 5.4 mm thick & the Maplus aluminum backed diamonds are 4.8mm thick.
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Thanks Terry;
I'll measure up my DMT when I get home tonight. I have an older 100mm Moonflex that I seem to remember to be similar in thickness to the DMT. I'll order once I know it'll fit.
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