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Lens case for a camera?

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So I'm probably getting a new camera soon, and after quite a bit of research I think I'll be going with the Panasonic FZ28. However, this will be a slightly bigger camera than I've ever had with me skiing. I usually carry a pack (Dakine Vertex) and I know it would easily fit, but I'd like to have it in a more accessible place if possible. I know some people carry DSLRs around their neck all they time, but for some reason I'm somewhat hesitant about that as well. And I haven't really found any smaller cases that would accomodate a superzoom. I think the answer may be a lens case (probably from Lowepro) that could attach via beltloop to my pack waist strap. It's a much smaller option, it's water resistant, well padded, and it should fit the cube-like dimensions of the camera perfectly. Has anyone tried this? Or is it a crazy idea? Any input would be appreciated.
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Sounds like it might be a plan. Lowepro seems to have quite a few cases so not sure which one you're considering.

Long ago I used the original Canon leather case for many years on my 1976 FTb SLR. The 1.4 lens fit into the lenswell of the case with room for a filter or two on the end. Front of the leather case popped off easily to shoot while not taking the bottom part off. This made it easy to take quick shots. Never tried to accommodate a long lens in a carry-case. If I did, I'd have gotten the kind where the lens points down and gets strapped separately in addition to the strap that holds the bodywell of the case.

If used while skiing, consider forward and rolling falls when evaluating the case. I fell on my old case a few times and quickly learned to keep it strapped below my ribs and somewhat to the side. The protruding lens portion interfered with reaching forward with the pole on that side but not too much.

My old strap went over the opposite shoulder & neck rather than just around the neck. I also had a WIDE shoulder pad (like on a backpack) to prevent chaffing and bruising while skiing or hiking. A makeshift quick-release strap through the case and down around my midsection and kept it from loping about. Elastic straps would have been nice.

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