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Armada ARV

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Has anyone skied it across all different terrains? Opinions?


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I have. Did you ever ski the Pocket Rocket? If you like the PR you'll love the ARV. Really soft, really easy. It's a pretty fun ski, better edge grip than the PR. As for different terrain...pretty much a noodle on groomers, boot-top to knee deep a very predictable easy to turn ski, deep pow sure you can ski it but there are better choices, moguls (powder moguls nice, hard moguls a bit tedious), the park stable landings not a pipe ski
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so how does it carve on groomers? i have bought some just havent tried em out yet! lack of snow is australia in summer! Also what size did you ski for your height?
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Fairly well, pretty soft, not very good with a huge amount of speed but they rail reasonably well as long as you don't take the piss.

I am on the 175s, 65 kg. 185 would probably be overkill for what I am skiing them on.
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I'm looking at buying a new pair of 2006 ARV'S.

I weigh 155 and want a softer ski but I've heard a few say that the '06-'07 version of this ski is a noodle. Anyone try the '06-07 version and have any opinions on how it compares to the newer versions of the ski?

As well I'm thinking of picking up this ski for allmountain/freeride purposes, I rarely enter the park.

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I will give you a full report on the 08 / 09 in about 4 weeks when i come back from Japan!
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I skied this years version of the ARV the other day in UT...mostly because the Bridge was not available. I rode the 185 version on a day when there was no fresh snow and I planned to hit moguls and find whatever leftovers I could. I expected very little b/c I had heard that it was a noodle and I must admit to being very was more stable and held an edge much better than I thought. I found it very playful with good rebound energy and quite nimble for a 95mm waisted ski. I took them into some fairly tight, carved out bumps and thought they did pretty well in there also. The shovel is probably too big for lots of bump skiing but it was soft so they flexed nicely over the moguls. I have to say, overall, I was quite suprised how much I enjoyed riding these. The only thing they didn't do well was early morning, icy, hardpack. As soon as the sun softened the snow they really started to shine. After such a good day on them...I'm considering them as my front-side ski but still want to ride Bridge and the Liberty Hazmat.

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Nice review!

Version 08 / 09 or 09 / 10 ?

How tall are you also? and weight? I am itching to try mine out in the Pow in japan next week.

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I rode the 08-09 boards. My understanding is that they haven't changed a ton in the last few years but might get facelift for 09-10. I am 6'3", 185 lbs. I consider myself a level 8 skier. I don't like short skis and generally won't ski anything anymore that's shorter than mid 180s. The other skis in my quiver include: Gotamas 183 (wish I had got the 190s...will upgrade in 09-10), Praxis POW RX (189), Dynastar Legend 8k-184 (nice ski for bumps but gets bucked around in variable snow).

As I mentioned, I am shopping for my frontside all mtn ski that I can use for bumps, crud and leftover. The Gots are great but are heavy and aren't the greatest bump ski. I have the soft snow end of the spectrum covered and just need harder snow ski. I have ruled out the Prophets (which I like) b/c they have metal and are fairly stiff. The ARVs also railed on wind scoured, crud. I got them up on top of it and was killing it. My ski partner really struggled on her skinnier Dynastars....and she's a great skier. She couldn't believe how I was flying over the variable snow.

I'll be trying the Volkl Bridge side by side with the ARV in a month or so and will make a final call but ARV seems to be a nice ski.
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The ski did change going into the 07-08 season (the year with the koi fish on them) Armada made the ski 20% stiffer (their words). It's still a pretty soft ski thoug
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Interesting...thanks for that skierhj. Do you ride the ARV? If you enjoy it?
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0708---->0809 they stiffened up the 08/09 quite a lot over the previous years.
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Yeah mine are the koi carp ones, dude in the shop said that he tested a few and ended up with the ARV's for their versatility and effectiveness in the park, they have quite alot of pop apparently - still I am yet to ride them... 2 weeks to go!
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I aquired some 06/07 ARV 175s recently and rode them for the first time this last week. For being as soft as they are and me as big as I am(5-11 and 300lbs), they really impressed me. They were able to stop me from higher speeds rather well without bouncing me all over. I stayed on piste with fresh groomers as well as end of day crud/chop, they handled it all very well. Take my review with a grain of salt as this was my first time skiing a ski like this, as well as first time skiing in 3 years.(I board mostly) But the fact is I really really had fun on them and they handled me. I am a 6 to 8 skiier depending on the time of day, what I have eaten, are the planets aligned, and if there are hot women around.

fyi, my other pair of skis are Atomic Betaride R11.20's and I LOVE them

and a pic of the goods...
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Thx, Freeride. You may want to hop on the longer ones given your might having more board underneath you will be helfpul and more stable. Those are good looking skis.
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I rented the ARV's in Park City with about a foot of heavy, ( for Utah), powder. I'm a 5'-9" 155 lbs advanced skier.


They were a lot of fun. Handled powder and crud pretty good, bumps pretty good, and on the groomers did not shimmy or chatter much at all. They were a bit slow on the groomers but all around I really liked them.


They ski short so buy/rent them longer then you would normally. I skiied 177cm I think, which was fine.

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