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Dynastar legend 8000fl or Volkl Tighershark 10ft?

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I'm off to the French alps and unfortunately need to rent skis since I'm going off end of a business trip. Euro hire shops tend to not be as flexible as the US so it's likely I will be stuck with whatever I pick for the duration and I'm not too clued up ski-wise.

Current conditions are hardpack and anything off piste is mostly tracked out with no big dump of new snow forecast. I'm 5'10" 150lbs and probably level 7 and I will be skiing alone so not getting too adventurous so a fair amount of groomer skiing but will get off the groomed where I can and it isn't too tracked out. My normal skis are atomic sl12s and line prophet 90s.

The best skis I can get are Dynastar legend 8000fl or Volkl Tighershark 10ft (non-power switch). Reading about either has generated all manner of mixed responses from people. I'm concerned the tigershark will be too soft as it is listed as "intermediate/advanced" on the volkl site and not sure about the hardpack/ice performance on the Dynastar legends.

Any help appreciated!
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If the 10ft is anything like the 12ft then there won't be a problem on hardpack. I sk the 12ft here in the east and they hold as well as my Rossi 9s oversized.
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Both skis are plenty adequate for say a level 8 skier. The L8K will be more versatile in mixed conditions, the Volkl will be better on hard snow.

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I'm an diehard fan of the 8k, but if it's hardpack, groomed, on piste, no freshies, I'd take the Tigershark.
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I love the 8K, it's great for bumps and varied conditions. It's my ski of choice when there is no fresh snow.

But as said above, the Tigershark will be better if you are only doing the groomed.
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The TS will be better blasting through crud/skier chop.
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Doubt that. The TS a 73 waist vs a 79 for the 8K.
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Waist width has little to do with crudbusting power. It's really more about how stiff the ski is and how much it can resist being deflected by the crud.

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I wouldn't say waist width has little to do with it. Of course there are other factors, but the TS 10 is primarily a on-piste ski.

A good ski in the crud does not have to be stiff.
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6mm wider in the waist is nothing. How much the ski is deflected when it hits crud is related to how stiff the ski is. I didn't say a good ski in crud had to be stiff, just that the TS stiffness would help it in crud. It wasn't a knock on the 8k, which is a great ski, just to say that the TS10 will do fine in moderate crud because it is pretty stiff and won't get deflected much.

Bottom line is that at 150 lbs the OP will be likely be fine on either ski. Just need to pick hard snow vs. softer snow. 8K better in the soft stuff and TS10 better on hard snow.

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I'd go with the 8K since its a better all mountain performer. Never know it could drop 6"+ of snow in the next few days. French Alps resorts are so large you should have no problem finding untracked areas or lightly tracked areas. True the Tigershark will be better on true hard packed snow. But chances are the groomed snow in the Alps is going to be fairly soft compared to say the East coast of the US. So I won't be to concern about it. The difference of performance between the two on decent groomed snow is going to be minimal. East coast groomed the Tigershark will be more noticable as the better performer but I doubt in the Alps you need to worry much.
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