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Diamond Stones-what brand do folks like?

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I'm about due for some new diamond stones. What are people using that they like? I've got some Swix, DMT and an old one I think is a Beast which has seemed to last forever. I'll pay more for longer life as they get used a lot!
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I've used a ton of different stones, from DMT, swix, holmenkol...so far my favorite has got to be the diaface moonflex stone. I've only got one, it's a mid-grit (400 maybe?) and it works great. just toss a little water on it, use it and put it away. I just learned a good way to clean it the other way cause mine is a little dirty. From experience, I would stay away from holmenkol stones. it's just a piece of metal with a diamond stone...sticker...if you will. After just under a season's use it's started to slip off the metal. that plus they get really dirty really quick and i haven't found an effective way to clean them.
swix also has a good set of stones as well, i have a really high grit (600 or 900 maybe, i don't remember ) that I use as a finishing stone that works great as well
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I love my moonflexes. I had a set of DMTs and they seemed to clog up more and not cut as efficiently. I'll never go back.
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Another vote for the moonflexes -- best I have used.
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I like my maplus stone more then my moonflex...
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Im suddenly compelled to give moonflex a try. Who makes it? Does slidewright have any?
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Big fan of the SVST stones. I keep a small bucket of water on my bench. Put my stones and a small nylon brush (over sized toothbrush) in there and work away. Clean the stone with the brush every pass.
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Unfortunately Kyle, the last aluminum backed, 100mm, Maplus diamond went out the door yesterday. We have 70mm ones left....but Maplus has now teamed up with Sorma and now have Rigid Support Diaface diamonds that are nice.

In general, I like the rigid backing for diamonds better than the Moonflexes, though the diamond faces work great. The SVST diamonds have a superior backing that will last a lifetime with a replaceable diamond strip which supposedly have a little shorter life span than the Diafaces.

Be sure to use your diamonds wet and keep them clean. A sanding eraser is a great way to keep them maintained.

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Here is a link on how to care for diamond stones.

And your Epic supporter status will get you a 10% discount for the best price on the Internet.
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I use a old tooth brush and keep my 50/50 mix in a small plastic cup with a snap on lid. I buy the denatured alcohol from Home Depot for about $4.00 a quart. Last me a couple of seasons. I touch up the tune on normally 2 pairs of skis every ski day.

65+ days a season.
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I like those Diaface/Moonflex best for cutting and polishing between real filing times, but for true diamond performance in rock burr removal and following the file I agree with the original poster - the Beast stones do the job well and they last a long long time. Mine's 3 years old and looks like it's full of dirt but it just keeps on going -
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