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You need to hit Breck on Thursday 1/8!

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Plan was to hit Vail today, but the pass was closed all morning so we ended up in Breck. Windy as hell, but the conditions were incredible. We lapped Ore Bucket off of peak 7 all morning. It was up to waist deep in some areas. Unfreakinbelievable. Then hit chair 6 and T-bar once they opened. Horseshoe and Contest bowls were friggin epic. Plenty of fresh lines to be had. It will all blow in and be fresh and deep for tomorrow, which to my understanding, is supposed to be 40, little wind and sunny. Unfortunately, I have to go back to work tomorrow

By far the best day of the season thus far.
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ARGH you are seriously killing me. I have to work tomorrow. I'm crying!
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OMG, My husband is going to be sooooooo bummed that he won't be there until Monday.
Eat some powder for us, will ya!
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Pretty incredible today. I didn't get out until about 1:00p and they had the Falcon closed all day until it opened at 2:00p. About two feet deep with deeper drifts and almost nobody skiing it. I don't think they ever opened the Imperial Express today so it's going to be really deep up there when the ropes drop.
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I don't think Imperial opened. Visibility was pretty bad that high due to wind. I so wish I could go up again today. In fact, I think Vail would be tons better. No one made it there since the pass was closed all day. Ugh, I hate this work thing!
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Pass wasn't closed all day... it opened at 11:00 Wednesday morning. However, there were plenty of fresh tracks to be had just about everywhere on Thursday. In the back bowls and BSB, it was easily 20-24" deep everywhere, more in spots.
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Just got back from Breck today (1/9). Still found some great Powder off imperial lift. The T-bar routes were all pretty chewed up, but if you were willing to hike 10-20 mins powder was knee to waist deep. Absolutely phenomenal day!
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Ore Bucket is really great, I won't miss it anymore. Backside of Peak 10 is good, too. Any information about SnowWhite?
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I went up today and they had a sign at the top of Imperial stating that Snow White had a ton of rocks at the bottom of the run. The coverage still isn't all that great up there. I'm surprised that so many people are still hiking it.
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