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Molding liner before shell work?

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After reading about liners on EPIC and TGR I decided to go with the intuitions. My shells need a bit more room for the little toes and the 6th toe area. The bootfitter wanted to heat fit the liner first then do the shell work. This seems totally backwards. Am I mistaken? Thanks for attention.
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I would do the shell work first then mold the liners, but I suppose it could be done the other way.

Sometimes I do not hit the nail on the head when doing shell work so a few adjustments after they have been molded is not out of the question.

Did you ask the fitter why he wanted to mold the liner first?
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There are a few ways to to it. I generally mold the liner first, padding for unique features of the foot as needed. Unless they are extreme, the Intuition liner molds right around them.

Did your bootfitter ask about toe caps? I always recommend toe caps to my customers. There are several different sizes to choose from. The other night I molded a pair of Intuitions that were in Krypton Storms for a gal who works in our shop. She was running a full race fit. It was the snuggest race fit I've seen in a while- for JH that saying a lot. She was complaining about toe room, but the standard toe caps did the trick. She now has plenty of toe space.

I'd try molding first, then shell work later.
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I also do the shell first then liner. Do really understand any benefit of doing it the other way around, but I may be missing something. IMO most pain is caused by shell, so shell work is more important. After that the liner is the interface just to keep you away from the shell and as it molds to both your foot and the shell I want the shell mods done before I do the liner.

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Mold 1st, then shell work

The Intuition liner can be compressed down to 1 mm. Thats alot of mold-ability. With that much liner compressability, I would try the molding 1st. Then if there are any remaining issues, hit the shell with grinds/stretches, etc.
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so there you go, two completely opposing views

in simple terms it will work either way both having advantages and disadvantages

for me it depends on the nature of the work required, if slight deformities [for want of a better word] on the foot then i would mould the liner and it will adapt to the vast majority if not all, if more specific things, prehaps a large bunion or big ankle bone then i would stretch/grind the shell first then mould the liner so that i cna have some thickness in the liner all round the foot rather than too much thick n thin [although some is enevatable]
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Thanks for all the replies. When I questioned doing the liners first he was totally willing to do the shells first. I don't remember if he gave a clear reason for not doing the shell work first. I think it was convience as much as anything but I'm just guessing. We could mold the liners then, and he wanted the boots overnight to do the shell work. He was making sense on other stuff so I decided to go with the expert.
But in the shell fit I was touching the shell with a noticable bit of pressure at the base of the 1st and 5th toes. So it seems there would be no room for the liner without working on the shell first. I now wish we had done the shell first, but it's good to know that some of you would do the liner first. And we did use the toe caps in the moulding.
I do need to go back for some more shell work in my problem areas. I totally get it that it might take multiple sessions to get the shells right.
Thanks for taking the time to help me with this.
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