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Weird weather in PNW

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After very cold weather for around 2 weeks with lots of snow, now we're having monsoon weather. At one of the 4 areas of Snoqualmie Pass, an avalanche on the main run under the chair literally scraped the run clean, with the snow from the run ending up in the parking lot. Here's a picture:

There was approximately 70 inches of snow. The good news is that the freeway leading to the area was closed in both directions and so the only people there were area personnel. Nobody was hurt thank goodness!

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And the people with homes & cabins there from what I hear...
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From the pictures, that Hyak event doesn't look like an avalanche, but a mudslide.

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Mudslide destroys ski area!

It was a combined mudslide / avalanche. The slide took place on the main run of that part of the ski area, and it destroyed one or more lift towers on the hill. It also shoved several cabins downhill. It seems nobody was hurt - the ski area wasn't open today.

Here's some photos from the hyak.net web site (note leaning lift tower, missing lift towers and perilous condition of the lift shack in the first photo.)

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