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Ski Instruction in Vermont

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I am looking for recommendations on good ski instructors in either Killington or Smugglers Notch, as these are the only locations I will get to ski this year. Since I am in my mid-forties and do not assimilate and execute on sports instruction like I did when I was younger, I am wondering if there are certain instructors or styles of instruction particularly effective with people my age. I am prone to quick frustration if I don't grasp things quickly ... 25 years of type-A corporate leadership has had its negative effects!! If there are any suggestions for particular instructors at these 2 resorts, I would greatly appreciate the input.
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I've no experience in Killington or Smuggs, but skied with epic, who teaches at Stowe, last March. He's very good.

Oboe is also from the area and gave us some good advice, you could try PMing him if he doesn't pick up on this thread.

I think there's also a thread on the board called "Vermonters", or something like that, that might give you a line into some local knowledge.

Hope that helps,

CW :-)
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Can't speak for Killington but we've had plenty of outstanding instructors at Smuggs. In fact, we haven't run into a one who is less than par yet.
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I thought I would post a follow-up after having taken a lesson at Smugglers Notch.  First of all, I contacted Oboe through the forum and he agreed to meet my wife and me for a run to evaluate what level lesson we should take ... he even gave us some ideas to work on at the same time.  THANKS OBOE!!


I ended up taking a 2.5 hour "Max 5" lesson ... they guarantee no more than 5 participants.  There were only 2 of us in the lesson and the other person was only there for 1 1/2 hours.  Turned out to be darned close to a private lesson!  Our instructor was Walt and we focused on glades and bumps.  The experience was a good one and made me wonder why it's been 20+ years since I took a lesson!  While there were no amazing and revolutionary concepts in the lesson, it gave me some good things to work on while skiing on my own the rest of the week.  I definitely skied the bumped-up glades a LOT better for the remaining days ... which is all one can ask for!


BTW, for anyone out there wondering about a place to take young kids, our 4-year old (5 in April) daughter made incredible progress during her week of ski camp!  They really do a nice job and that leaves lots of time for Mom and Dad to have fun skiing!

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