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Hi all,

Long-time lurker and first time poster. Thanks everybody for all the good insight here!

Anyways, I'm looking for some advice on skis to demo, with an eye towards buying at the end of the season. These skis will presumably be a one-ski quiver for at least a couple of years.

About me: I'm 22, male, 5'11, 185 lbs (but looking to lose some weight). I ski mostly in the northeast, but am looking to take a couple of trips out west, eventually (probably utah). Also, I'm fairly athletic, and have pretty strong legs due to 7 years of competitive fencing. Also, I'm currently wearing a Lange fluid 100 - it's very snug and seems appropriate, so i'm not looking to upgrade immediately.

I'm about a level 7.5 skier, but that comes with the following caveats: I grew up skiing in Alaska (at Alyeska) from ages 4-10 or so, and had stopped skiing completely before i'd ever even seen shaped skis. I never learned to carve, and am somewhat uncomfortable on moguls, but am currently working on correcting both of those.

I've been skiing 4 times in the past year, and been comfortable on the double-blacks at Hunter and Windham. I also took a private lesson for diagnostic purposes--my instructor said that i had good basic technique; however, I skid my turns a lot. During the lesson, I was demoing some Rossi Zenith Z3s in 162cm, which i think was ideal for the lesson since they were enormously easy to work with. However, I'm hesitant to buy them since it seems like they might be ideal for learning carving, but that I would quickly outgrow them.

So, based on that, what do you think for ski model and length? I've seen Dynastar Contact (4x4? 10? I don't remember which) and Head Supershapes mentioned in the same posts as Rossi Z9s, but since i'm really overwhelmed by the quantity of available skis, beyond that, I really don't know where to begin looking.

Thanks for your advice!