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Ski suggestions for demo-resistent spouse

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My wife loves to ski and has no gearoholic bone in her body. All well and good, except that she could be happier on something other than the K2 Escape 3500's (105-68-95) that she has been on since she first took to the hills about six years ago. She has learned well on them. Her preferred turns are medium link paralell, which she can do all the way down the hill wihtout stopping. She is more capable than she thinks, and is more limited by a lack of confidence than skill set. She grumbles mostly when there is crud or unpacked snow. The sidecut of these K2's explains why - pretty narrow waist. Mostly we are on hardpack here in Maine. So last year I bought her a pair of Dynastar Exclusive Carving (114-64-97) hoping to lure her over to the dark side. Nothin doing. After one or two runs, she hated them - probably because they do not skid so well (pm me if you are interested in them).
So we are heading out to Alberta for a week. If the snow gods are kind, we will be blessed with the very conditions that trouble her. I want to here to have the best experience ever. And I think that a mid fat would be right for her. Have been looking at the Nordica Olympia Drive (119-74-104) or something of that ilk. Again, she has no demo interest which makes its a real challenge - or crap shoot. Suggestions? Am I just doomed to fail?
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The K2 Lotta Luv has been very popular for years. My wife loves hers as her "narrow" skis.

I've skied the Recon, which is the men's version of the Lotta - it's an easy going ski that still delivers high performance and appeals to a broad spectrum of skiers.
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I'm going to sound like a broken record here and people are going to think I'm a Fischer employee...but, to be brief, I had issues similar to your wife's on Atomic starter skis, I did some research and bought some new '08 Fischer Red Heats (117-74-103) online for a good price, and I do much better on crud and ungroomed snow now (also ice) while still loving the groomers.
I think that you're looking at a good size range to help her still enjoy what she likes best and also grumble less about less prepared snow. I wasn't patient enough to wait for demo day on my hill...but, I did notice that the skis I recognized when it came around were almost all more "advanced" and pricey than those I was interested in. Maybe I would have found something better for me that would have been worth the extra money, but I'm pleased with what I have.
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while i dont have a specific ski in mind, i might go even wider than 74. If she doesnt carve, and is not quick edge to edge, whats the point of a skiiny ski?

fats skis skid just fine, and the extra width is helpful in lots of conditions: fresh snow, chunked up powder, loose piles after the snow stops falling, spring conditions.

both fischer and elan have nice options in their womens lines, which are often a bit lighter and you can form your own opinion on graphics


ps - i have the same dilemma in buying skis for my wife and selecting skis for my parents: they will NEVER care as much as i do. But i do keep going wider and shorter, and if they are smiling with the new sticks, I'm happy.
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Does your wife take any lessons? That Exclusive Carve is a good ski. Might very well be something she could learn to like. If she's not open to that though, then you could look elsewhere Exclusive Legend for one might be good. I wouldn't want to go too fat. Not much over 75mm.
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Maybe she hates them because they are women's skis?
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My wife sounds like a clone of your wife, same skiing preferences and used to avoid anything ungroomed. That changed last year after buying her some Salomon X-Wing Hurricanes (my wife preferred the graphics over the women's model called the Jade). The extra width really gave her allot more confidence to the point she was looking for powder and light crud by the end of the season which was a remarkable change that we still laugh about. It took me awhile to convince her that wider is better but she thanks me now so stay with it. Good luck!
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Put her on whatever womens' twintip that has the graphics she likes most. The upturned tail will allow her to skid pretty no matter how far back she sits on them.
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All great suggestions. I am thinking that we will go to Alberta with her current skis. And if we get some pow, and she is struggling, I will swoop in with a pair of demos from the the list y'all have suggested. Then she can make up her own mind. Appreciate your help.
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The Mrs here. I've just switched from being a K2 gal to a Nordica lover. I skied the Lotta Luvs and they were my "go to" ski for a few inches new and soft packed. I now ski the Nordica Olympia Victory for those same conditions and the wider Conquer when it's a bit deeper. I gotta say they are both fantastic skis. Nothing against the K2s, they were hard to give up, but the Nordicas are just that much more stable and hold like crazy on hard pack too which I really appreciate. Very versatile skis. Your wife might really enjoy skiing something a bit wider underfoot especially if she's never skied anything wider than a 68. Good luck!
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Could be differences in feel between skis too. Bonni liked the Exclusive 8 until she got one luvs. Now she has head cool things and likes them best of the three.

Dimension wise thay are very close in waist width and length.

She felt that the dynastars were too "lightwieght" and got bounced around more than the K2's.

She won't ski the K2 anymore because thats what she was skiing on when she broke her leg.

She tried my iM70's a few years ago and loved the Head feel, so we got the Cool Things last year.

She likes the more damp feel and is gaining confidence every outing. She also disliked crud and unpacked---but is slowly gaining confidence in her ability to ski the stuff---based mainly on the ski being easier for her in those conditions.
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