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Jay Peak honesty: conditions

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Hi. It's January 7, the day of the snow/sleet/rain storm throughout New England. I was considering going up to Jay tomorrow because it's the only mountain which is still claiming it got all snow -- up to 18" is what they say. As it turns out, I can't go anyway, but I'd like to know if anyone can verify the snow report from Jay. Is it true? All snow? Or do they overstate? And is the Jay resort report usually valid or not?
Thanks for any info anyone can provide.
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i'm possibly planning a weekend trip to Jay so I'd also be very interested to hear from anyone who has been what it's like.
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According to another forum, Jay Peak has updated it's report mentioning a 15-minute period of rain and some mixing Also talks about possible windy conditions tomorrow.

Jay Peak is, I think, pretty honest with thier reports. However, you have to read between the lines. Pay attention to when they post updates. If they have a report at 10AM that says it's snowing like crazy and they dont update that report and the snow totals by the end of the day it usually means that it stopped snowing at 10:30AM and the 3" they already got that AM is all they got. Just sayin'. They used to avoid mentioning rain if at all possible but I think they've gotten better about that.
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18" sounds VERY optimistic. It's not very far from Stowe, and calling what we had today snow seems a bit of a stretch. It was frozen, but just barely. I'd say we got 5" so far at most. If Jay got 18" today.... well, I'd be surprised.

OK, I just looked at the Jay website, and it says 4-6" for today. That sounds right. The storm seems to have slowed down, and I wouldn't be surprised if there is a foot still to come.
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Just got back

Went up around lunch time. Had to work in the AM.

There were spots in the woods over my knees. 6-10" most everywhere else. It was empty considering the dumping it was getting. When I left, it was still coming down.
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Yeah, it dumped pretty good.
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Guess i'll be heading up there on Saturday then. Thanks for the update!
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