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Idealistic, but that's what dreams are born of sometimes. You'll need a cash reserve for that year when there's no snow, the economy tanks, or the terror threat keeps the meek at home.

Ski hills modeled after corporate models? How unique. Although such structure could be considered the downfall of modern skiing, you gotta have a plan.
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Welcome to the website of choice for dreaming skiers!

We hope you enjoy your experience around here enough to participate actively, and maybe you'll be able to join a few Bears for some turns!

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Get out your shorty slaloms and one piece suits everybody! Can't believe that's their impression of us bears.
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Your points are well founded, but that isn't entirely the way risk-takers enter the playing field. A large cash reserve is a nice thing to have, but it is also a huge burden to springboard a fledgling organization on. It usually helps if some of the equity participants are available in the background with reserves that can be tapped should the need arise. Avoiding additional overhead in the plan on a fixed basis frees up the organization for flexibility to opportunities, as a unique competitiveness is formed inside the organization.

Non of the success stories I am aware of made it because there was a general sense that there was 'paydirt' in the offing. They built in a level of enthusiasm that was absolutely contagious to everyone involved, and had a vision that had a chance at making a difference. ...Putting together a couple of hundred million dollars of 'coporate waste', and then developing a culture and enthusiasm that reaps benefits for the group in billions isn't something that conventional minds see as possible beforehand. Those people think outside the box, and that's the kind of thinking that is needed to revolutionize the slave labor attitudes of the ski industry. Nolo's comment about attitude being contagious is spot on. If you can't develop it, you better have a huge cash reserve that makes your business plan somewhat equivalent to that of farmers(reap your benefits in good years and weather the bad ones). If old style business plans is what this dicussion is all about, there certainly is no sense in wasting time talking about it with a bunch of hardcore enthusiasts who are interested in making a difference; because it won't!

This discussion may not have the foundation needed to materialize into something worth everyone's attention, but I also feel certain the internet connection is where the revolution in the ski industry will have its roots. The fledgling results are seen in various efforts around the web. Someone will eventually step up to the plate and rally the potential into something most of us had no chance of seeing. ...My question is whether or not this is the place for that seed to be planted?
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