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HELP!! skiing fakie

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So there I am up in PC with some snowboarder friends. No not friends, how could I possibly be friends with dirtbag snowboarders. Anyway, one of my friends (no not friends, how could I possibly be friends with a dirtbag snowboarder) is practicing riding fakie. I figured I should ski backwards. My strong and weak sides were painfully obvious and the weakside turns almost always started with an abstem. It also seemed that I had to exaggerate the tip lead.

Considering that the front, no back, of the ski is so much shorter than the back, no front of the ski and the tip, no tail, is narrower than the tail, no tip, of the ski how should you address stance issues related to leaning forward, no back.

Do you think twin tips and a shorter ski would help? I was on a pair of 191 10 ex's.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

And for the record they are not my friends ( well actually they are) and I did follow them down the hill, called them dirtbag snowboarders, derided there tongue depressors and penchant for sideslipping.

Thanks in advance,
Cold Water
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well done, coldH2O. You craftily used them to initiate your new move, but refused to become one of them. I think you are on to something here. Isn't that how the Klan operated in the South?


the only thing I do fakie is run straight backward and then spin to normal. sorry, can't help you here.
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Gonzo how do you take off fakie. I can ski fairly well backwards so I figured I'd try taking off backwards. I went in with prety good speed but no take off.
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Yeah, taking off backwards is tough. I could hop a 180 to go backwards but can't hop back.

You got twin tips, Matt?

The snow is so bad here I actually went into the half pipe. It's harder than it looks.

I'm too old for it. I get dizzy by the time I get to the bottom and it hurts to crash.

Are you supposed to hop away from the wall? or just ride up and coast off the lip?

How about the angle to the wall, I did some where I went straight up the wall and came down close to where I took off and some where I hit it at an angle and flew down the hill more. It seemed like I was more likely to land farther down the wall if I hit it at an angle.

Any tips would be appreciated.
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I've come to realise I've never tried skiing fakie on full sized skis, but on my skiboards, I just gently torque my body and I can actually pivot on the skiboards. As for doing stuff backwards, I haven't done much more than some turns, but I'll dink around with it and report back next weekend.,
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cold water, I had the same problem I can hop to 180 but I catch my edge on the way back around. I don't know what to do except hop higher [img]smile.gif[/img] .

In the pipe I find that if you want to go higher head straight up the wall. It's kind of a fine line between popping off the wall and letting it throw you. If ou pop too much you'll end up back in the flat bottom .
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