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R.E.D Frequency helmet

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Anyone try/have this helmet? I found a ridiculous deal on it and am thinking about getting it. The only issue is I fall right between a medium and a large size... M is 57-59cm and L is 59-61cm. I measured my head and I'm just shy of 59cm...
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no but I'm looking for a Red Mutiny size M for my kid if you care to share the deal ...
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ct55, sorry, but the Mutiny helmets look like they are full price. These are from last year
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I am currently shopping for a helmet and tried the Frequency on the other day and really liked it. I need to head back to the shop with my goggles and sunglasses to check fit.

Care to share the source of the big deal??

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Yes, its But you have to dig around, they have this years model for the normal price, and last years model (difference looks minimal) for $30. I believe the only have mediums and larges left in black.
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Well if anyone is interested, my helmet arrived Friday, and I got to try it on Saturday. For being my first helmet, I really liked it, and will probably never go out on the slopes without one again. Very comfortable, and very warm. My only complaint is the chin strap isn't as adjustable as I would like it to be... it fits, but the padding is kind of off-center, and I can't figure out a way to center it under my chin (it seems to be sewn to the nylon strap). More of an aesthetic thing that comfort. But for $30, I can't complain. I would recommend this helmet, if you can find it for less than the retail price of $150.
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I ordered the RED Mutiny helmet through - they have an unadvertised special on it I stumbled on for half price - sweet deal for $50!

I think RED is actually made by Burton btw ...
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RED Helmet

I have a Frequency. Decent helmet for what I paid (50% off). Fits good and is light.

I think it's a cold helmet. For the kinda of money they want retail it should have adjustable vents. On a cold windy day wind just whistles through this thing. A simple, thin balaclava helps.
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jbuhl- mine does have adjustable vents, what year did you get yours? I believe mine is last years model (hence the price), but it does have about 5 or 6 adjustable vents via a sliding knob on the top of the helmet.
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I just picked up one of these at the local shop. I think mine is last years model as well - a small "RED" logo in the middle of the front of the helmet and a small "FREQUENCY" logo above the right ear.

I tried on a bunch of helmets and really liked this one. It has the slider adjustment which opens or closes 5 vents, and also comes with 2 plugs which close up the other 4 vents.

The biggest thing for me was that it fit well with my goggles (an older pair of Oakley's) and was also roomy enough to wear my sunglasses without the earpieces pinching tightly to my head.

I have a pretty small head and got a M. The adjustable closure at the back is pretty nifty, just like my $$$$ cycling helmet.
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fireball, have you found a way to center the padding under your chin?
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No I haven't messed with it yet. Mine is set pretty tightly so it's not too far off center. I'm going to wear it a few days before to decide if it bothers me. I'm guessing it won't...

After looking at it though, I'm almost certain that if you cut the stitching b/w the strap and the pad on the right side of the helmet that you'll be able to move the pad around.

Have you wore it out on the slopes yet and found it to be uncomfortable?
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No, it wasn't uncomfortable... just one of those "I know its there so it kind of bothers me" type thing. After about 5 min. I forgot about it, until I was looking at the helmet later that evening once I got home.

See, to me, it looked like cutting that little bit of stitching would ruin the helmet, because I don't think that nylon strap actually passes through the padding, like you stated. I could be wrong, but that's why I haven't done that. It really is a nice helmet, there is just this one little flaw. I still plan on wearing it 100% of the time.
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