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An honest ski report

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What a year for Bachelor! Three weeks of high pressure with no snow, folllowed by three weeks of storms. The Summit has been open one day.
At least they are honest.

It remains not a day to ski or even be outside. Of course we will try and get open with a couple lifts, but that doesn't change the fact that Mother Nature is saying otherwise. It's raining, it's windy, and its below freezing. Has been for 36 hours. Groomers have advised me that many ice covered trees have been blown down by the wind.
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Not good news, but a good report.

I miss Craig's fernie report. RCR isn't big on the "r" word!
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Comments: 8:22 am Update #4 - In the interest of safety and along with other resorts in Oregon, Mt Bachelor will not operate on Wednesday. We anticipate reasonably regular operations on Thursday with the usual weather caveats.

This has not been one of the better ski seasons for us. Bluebird skiing on the Summit next week,I promise.
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