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Opinions about Head Mojo HF Boots?

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Hi Bears,

I am boot shopping for the first time in about 13 years. So far the best fitting boot for me is the Head Mojo HF but I don't know anything about Head boots so am soliciting opinions. My two primary concerns are stiffness and that the boots have 'a neutral stance'. This is only caught my attention because throughout my adult life (I'm about to turn 50) I've been on race type shells which tend to put me in a more forward stance. Anyway, just curious about how people out there like them because they do seem like very solid boots.

About me: ski 40-50 days per year in the Pacific Northwest, usually with 1-2 trips per year to Whistler and/or Tahoe. 75% off-piste. Current skis: Fischer Watea 94.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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1) Sticky: READ FIRST: Ski Gear Advice Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

2) "Ask the Boot Guys" forum.
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Thanks snofun3. In response, I totally get how the boots need to fit as described in the FAQ's. Fit is not the question here. It is more about boot performance and just general opinions, subjective or objective, about them from people who ride them and the boot fitters forum is for responses from boot specialists. Maybe that is incorrect but is why I posted here.
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I am pretty sure that the shell used in those boots shares the same design and geometry with Heads previous race boots (the ones prior to the Raptors). As such you should feel right at home.
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How they fit YOU is what is important, if they fit then it is an excellent boot. They are on the wide-ish side of high performance boots, if you have a meaty foot they should be excellent.

They are very well made boots.
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I almost went with a pair before I tried the Dalbello Protons, which feel like they were made for my feet. I think the Dalbellos have a more conventional stance, are very slightly narrower in the forefoot, and are available stiffer. If you like the Mojo, I'd test drive the Protons.
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Thanks for the responses everyone. Good call on the Protons Alpinedad - I think my final choice is going to be between the Proton 12 and the Mojo HF. For me, the heel fit is better in the Mojos even though it is slightly wider in the forefoot. To me, the heel fit is the most important. Question back to you: what does 'more conventional stance' mean? Like more forward than the Mojos? Thanks
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They just feel like the normal angle to me, as opposed to a "neutral" stance.
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If only Dachstein still made the V4. Your problems would be over!!!
Stolz might be worth a look but are a bit more then the MOJO (which I use XP model ,love them for me )
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