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I would like to buy a another ski that is like the Volkl P60 GC in around a 172.

Does anyone know what would be comparable? I appreciate your help in advance. Thank you.

Best regards,

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I beleive that they were replaced by the RaceTiger series.
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Take a look at the Volkl Racetiger RC Titanium. It is available in 173 length.

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Has anyone skied the Race Tiger or Race Tiger Titanium or back to back with the P60 to see how they compare?
Thanks for your help.

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I have not skied the consumer version of the Racetiger, but I have skied the P60 World Cup GS (180), the P60 GC Motion (173), and the 06 and 07 Racetiger World Cup GS (180).

The older Racetiger and P60 World Cups are exactly the same ski. I would assume that, other than the change in radius, the new Racetiger skis the same.

However, the GC versus the GS is a different story. I found the P60 GC actually less user friendly, stiffer, and harder to get on edge early. In fact, I started with the P60 GC as my race ski because I was scared of the "World Cup" ski, but after skiing hubby's P60 GSs, I sold them and moved up to the Racetiger. The GS is pretty darn tolerant of mistakes, curls into smaller arcs with minimal fuss, rips in bigger arcs, is fast and confident in the race course, and surprisingly fun to free ski. Its even fun in up to 8" of pow.

I'd suggest the 06 or 07 Racetiger WC GS in a 170 or 175 to satisfy your needs!
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I have a 2005 P60 GC in a 183. I am not skiing Killington all winter like I use to, I am Ski Patroling and Skiing in the PA. Will the Race Tiger in a 183-185 do what you are say?

The Race Tiger sounds like the way to go.LEt me know. Thanks,

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Absolutely, but I'd stay with the 175-180 range for maximum versatility, especially at slower speeds (unless you're getting a screamin' deal on the longer ones)....the WC plate tends to stiffen the ski up some, so it skis a little longer than stock Volkls (JMHO and YMMV, of course).
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volkgirl, I appreciate your help! It is funny, but I have tried so many skis over my lifetime and I always end up on a Volkl! I know you understand!

It is not that I haven't skied on some other really good skis, but they just do what I want them to do, most of the time!


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Well I picked up a pair of Racetigers in a 175 and hopefully I will try them Monday!

I am not allowed to ski until I see the Sportsmedicine Doctor/Surgeon. It is a long story, but I broke my binding and brought it to the shop and they replaced the part, but didn't reset my forward pressure and I walked out of the ski after about five GS turns.

It happened so fast, I was on one ski and then landed on my hand and tore the ligaments in my hand, wrist and up my arm! Man does that hurt! I had my pole straps on, never again!

My doctor is a skier and he made me promise to never use the pole straps again, he told me that the straps loaded up the wrist and arm and does a lot of damage! I trust him, he has rebuilt my ankle and knee. We go back over twenty years!

I will let you know what I think of the Racetigers compared to the
P60 GC's.


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