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Thought you might be interested in this:

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LOL, thanks. looks like the 66mm waisted ski. I really hope that Vist has enough to stay around but they have such a limited circulation. I think we will see Nordica or someone buying Vist out. I still love Blossom's 77 waisted ski, one of the best skis out there.
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Interesting. I saw a couple of these Blossom-stamped bindings over the holiday (I ran after this skier to photograph his; I'm sure he thought I was nuts). They're labelled Vist on the heel/Blossom on toe.

Blossoms are still selling swiftly in their home market of Val Chiavenna. Probably the second or third most popular ski up there (but only there, no doubt). Saw a lot of Vist skiwear too, mostly on race Daddy types.

I had heard that Vist was going to be the default binding for Stoekli too, not true?
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
. I think we will see Nordica or someone buying Vist out.
Interesting thought, I can't think of any other boot andski companies that do not have some strong binding maker affiliation (aka part of their parent company).
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There was a thread here on Vist before with some sort of chat about Vist being bought over/their affiliation with Stockli but there was a glitch that stopped it going ahead.. someone fix me if I am way out but there was definitely a thread
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Bit about Blossom in there too...

In all fairness this was quite a while ago, don't know if anyone 'official' has some more light to shed.
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