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boot question

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Hey everybody, have a few questions regarding custom boot fit and canting. I live and ski over here in Japan and it's impossible to find my boot size. So, when I was back in the U.S. in the summer, I bought a pair of Nordica Speed Master 14's. They might be a bit much for my intermediate level skiing, but hopefully I'll grow into them. It was either those or another pair that were way too big. I went a head and bought the Intuition heat-moldable liners and had them custom-fitted, along with footbeds while I was there. For the most part the boots and fit are pretty good, much better than my previous boots which were waaaay too big. Also, once I put in my professionally made, solid orthotics, that helped too. I still have a couple of problems though, both with my left foot.

1) Left heel still picks up off the sole when I get really off-balance.

2) I'm sure I need canting, especially on the left boot. I over-pronate with both feet, but especially the left. When I stand, with toes pointing forward, no shoes, and bend my legs, my knees will eventually touch. And while skiing, I have a much harder time carving on my left leg than my right and the left ski is hard to control sometimes, seems to have a mind of it's own.

Unfortunately, I didn't have time/couldn't find anyone in my area that did canting work in the summer when I was back home. I would love to have a real proper custom boot fit done, but it's probably not going to happen this year in Japan, gonna have to wait sometime when I'm back home - maybe next Christmas.

Anyway, my questions are:

1) Is there anything I can do to fix problem 1 on my own? Would having the Intuition liner re-molded on my left foot help out? They did sit in my closet for most of the summer/fall until ski season started. Could they be "tightened up" by re-molding them? Is there anything else I can do?

2) Is there a place that sells canting wedges that I could fasten to the bindings myself? I'd like to experiment with those if possible until I have the opportunity to get a proper boot fit.

Sorry for the long post.


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1) any boot fitter should be able to help you, regardless of the boot size or your location. Try a extra footbed, heel lift, more padding on teh sides of the heels

2) make sure the boots are the right size first (heel lift = too big?)
then align the upper cuff
then use a shim under your boot (duct tape) or under the boot board to see what feels right.
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If you get too far forward your heel will lift in nearly every boot, whether the correct size or not. It is the cause of heel spurs.

Remolding the liner probably will not accomplish much, but footbeds and cuff alignment might. Experimenting with alignment is very simple. Change cuff angle, go ski.

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Apart from your fit issues, you may be undercanted. As the guys have suggested, get a footbed, align your cuffs, and then play with canting shims (thick side 'inside') to test on hard snow.

When you buy your next boots (which may be sooner than you think ), it's reasonable to look at a 'toed out' model since these can reduce knock kneed tracking. I.e. try flexing with your feet slightly toed out (rather than parallel) and compare how your knees move.

Undercanted FYI: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uj1LEED3P18
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