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ski recommendation?

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hi i like alot of people asking for help on here have recently gotten back into skiing after a long break. i am in need of help trying to find a pair of skis in the $400-$600 range that will do well on new england slopes (snow machine snow in the morning and ice in the evening). i would say that currently i am around lvl 7 on the rankings from but feel that each time i am going back to the slopes more is coming back really fast. when looking around and trying to see what ski would be good for my situation i thought the bandit b78 would be good but in all reality i am just going off the little reviews i was able to find on the web. any help is appreciated
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How tall/heavy are you. Where do you ski regularly. Do you ski mostly on groomed or off, moguls? The more info you give everyone here the better job they can do to help you find a ski.

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well 200 pounds, 6'2" ski mostly on groomed and i can do moguls but i try to stay away due to an old injury. i live in jersey so i ski around here on the icy hills with friends and try to take 3-4 trips to random mountains in vt.,ct. area
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So you would probably want to shoot for something in the 175-177cm range with about 75-77mm waist for versatility. Something with metal layers and good damping for east coast hardpack and ice. Lots of good choices in that range. Are you looking for new or used skis? I have a couple lightly used skis that might fit the bill.

I wouldn't put the B78 high on the list -- they are not real well regarded from what I can tell.

There are good choices from Head (iM76,77,78), Fischer (a couple of the "Heat" models), Dynastar, Elan, Volkl, and K2. Look in the all-mountain category for each brand for the lengths and waist widths I suggested. Offhand, I like the Heads as easygoing, smooth, and high-performing skis that are easy to live with and grow into.
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i was thinkin since i am relatively new at coming back to things i was going to go with something more in the 170-174 range, or that is what the local ski shop guy told me i should be going with. they were really trying to sell me on the rossi zenith series so after looking round i was thinkin of goin with 170 Rossignol Zenith Z9 07/08. as far as new or used preferrably i would like to go with somethin new but from last years models just so i could get it a little cheaper.
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wow just look over the reviews for the head iM78 and they look like a great ski too for the types of places i would be skiing. got no idea which i would go withso far, the head or the rossi 08' z9
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Originally Posted by kstils View Post
wow just look over the reviews for the head iM78 and they look like a great ski too for the types of places i would be skiing. got no idea which i would go withso far, the head or the rossi 08' z9
Demo, Demo, Demo.

If not an option, I'd go with the Head iM series or something in the Volkl AC series.
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wish i could demo but is like a 6 hour drive if i was to do that. how do the zenith z9's compare?
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At your height/weight, you'd likely outgrow any of these mid-fat all-mountain skis very quickly if they were in the 170-174cm range. I would have no problem putting you in a 175-177cm ski, and it will serve you better in the long run.
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ok, i'll prob move up in size then. what style ski would you suggest out of the monster 76 and 78? lookin online it is difficult to find anything close to $600 due to none coming with bindings. and whats your thoughts on that '08 zenith z9? i was able to find those around that price in a combination deal. lookin to hopefully get something pretty soon since i just ordered boots.
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Look in the Gear Swap section of Epic. There are at least one pair of monster 78's for sale there. I also have a pair of '07 monster 77's for sale as well for $200 plus shipping. They are 181's but I never noticed the length and I'm smaller than you.

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looking to buy new. right now if i was to get the monsters which i may i've found one pair for that price but still kinda hoping to hear an argument against the zeniths cause the salesguy liked them so much. besides the monsters look cooler.
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I have some lightly used iM77 at 177cm also listed in gear swap. Lowered the price to $325 (including bindings) shipped:

I am going to list my 175cm RX-9 soon for about $275 shipped, but that doesn't sound like the right ski for you -- it's a hard snow carver, experts only. Also selling Watea 84s, but those are 184cm and would be a soft snow ski (all-mountain in the west). Finally, I have some iM78 177cm new in plastic that I may sell, not sure yet. If any of these seem like a good match, PM me for more info.
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i'll look into them
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The fact that no one's mentioning the Rossi's sends a message - there's many better things out there.

I throw my vote out for the Dynastar Contact series 9's, 10's, 4 x 4's etc. There's some in the gearswap section right now. Read the reviews - GREAT least coast skis.
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Think i am gonna head to the local mountain and rent some 177 before anything. everyone seems to be saying i should go that size and the low 170 is too small so i wanna now see how the size feels. is dissapointing though since i wanna get a pair but prob smarter thing to do
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