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I see that you're targeting adults only, for the most part...
What about children?
I've spent the past three winters with my kids, practicing the wedge!
Of course I was releasing the lash every now and then,particularly last winter, allowing them to ski parallel, but only when no adults (whom could represent a threat to them) were around.
A great breakthru occoured when we leased shaped skis, they were able to control those boards with better ease, as if they needed less effort...compared with "straight" skis.
This year they are in the care of a ski instructor, and they are able to follow him
with great ease!
Most rewarding moment was when my older one came to me and said (I asked whether they were having fun with the instructor):
Yes dad, we enjoy it, but we enjoyed skiing with you too.
Mind you, I'm not an instructor.
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Heck no! Kids are welcome and so are their parents. In fact some of our local hosts will be there with the entire family.

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Maybe Matteo was talking about the thread, that is, the initial query about speed learning. How does the 3-5 day outcome relate to kids?

I think we need to remember that 3-5 days is a range that fits into the guest research that says that it takes 3-5 days to "convert" a never-ever into a person who will answer "YES" on a survey asking if they have the intent to return (retention).

Survey takers are not asking children this question, but their parents. It is true, some parents expect their kids to be skiing parallel the first lesson or at least in a couple of lessons. They have a hard time understanding the strength, coordination, equipment, and interest issues involved in Johnny's persistent wedge.
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You correctly read my post, Nolo.
Meeems that nowaday the schools (in Italy too) only think about adults (or teen agers, anyway). Kids have another learning curve, completely different.
To them, skiing is, MUST be, just another game, they do not really care about going parallel in 3-5 days (we, their parents do, and wrongly in my opinion, care).
Best place I found for kids:
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