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PMTS and small children?

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How does the PMTS method address teaching beginner 3-6 year olds? Without a wedge? If so where can I find info on their techniques?
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Yeah and how do you explain the mechanics of it to a child...
What about alignment when their bones and hips are not even completely formed or hardened?
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Don't deflect the question to Gravity... What a cheap shot.

Pull a Regis Philbin and use your lifeline perhaps............
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Well, I dunno if I'm Wacko's Lifeline, but I have taught a lotta little ones, and I am very interested on trying out PMTS stuff with the squirts. I think it'll work pretty well, But...

3-6 is a very interesting time for a kid. Coordination, balance skills, social skills, are all over the place. Each kid is different.

So, fellow instructors, what about the kid you have to use an edgie-wedgie (tying the tips together) on.

The basis of a beginner turn in PMTS is to step and/or shuffle, leading with the little toe edge of the inside foot. A kid with a diverging stance (and a little control of it) may get a direction change pretty easily.

Of course this future ripper may have other problems, but I'm curious to try more of the PMTS methods, with students.

I'll use anything in my bag of tricks to teach kids, including LOSING the snowball fight(s).. LOL!

Don't worry all, while I am newly certified with PMTS, I am gonna use what works...
Even, (gulp) a wedge! Mebbe not a wedge turn tho... roflmao!

Back to the little ones, I think it's important mostly, to get little ones with as experienced instructor who really digs teaching kids.

Watch a local ski schools kid's beginner area for a bit, and revist. You'll be able to tell who the neat instructors are.

/__ SnoKarver[/ snokarver@excite.com
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We not be homies and I won't call you bro.

And best of all, I promise never to attempt to write in "kool speak" no mo.

I don't use those cootise wootsiee little similes either........ so insert an imaginary one ( ) here..........
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Which beginners have you instructed with PMTS exercises and what kind of terrain were you on? I'm genuinely interested in your results, but I'm wondering if the steepness of the beginner hill might be a limiting factor in teaching without a wedge. My home hill is small, but steeper than most in the lower 48. Beginners generally eye even the easy sections with a great deal of trepidation, and getting them to turn into the fall line is a major hurdle with the more cautious ones. I'll try anything once, but not at the expense of the student.
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I have little patience with kids and those instructors are a special breed that I envy. Very special people who just have the touch.

I think a Ski-Wee type program is the ONLY way to go for six and under. If they ski OK, if they don't OK, long as it's fun.
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PMTS experts
I'm still waiting for an answer here.

Pierre Eh
If someone didn't invent something but patents it isn't that fraud.
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Pierre, very interesting. So with terms such as "Liftline maneuvering device" and "Straightline maneuvering device" for the wedge he's attempting to reappropriate the wedge. At least change people's perception of it and make him look like he's done something. I wonder if instructors in pmts have to follow strict language rules. No "wedge" etc.
I'm interested to hear more of your idea.

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I think with little kids, they are very visual...they all know about pizza... so the wedge is a piece of pizza... pretty easy to understand... I think if there kids, by definiton they are suppose to have fun... right...RIGHT. So lets make it easy for them... if they can do PMTS fine. iIf not let them make a wedge... and if they do a good job... reward them with a piece of pizza... they get hungry too !
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