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womens gloves

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Looking for the warmest womens ski glove. Tried Swany and didnt do the job.
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Hestra USA. Take a look.
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My wife has very cold hands and we went through many types and brands of gloves until she got some Hestra's. Now her hands are toasty!

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Lots of women like the Grandoe leather mittens, if mittens are ok.

Or one of the high end mittens or gloves that except a heat pack in a zipper pouch on the back of the hand.

I like the Grandoe Hurricans, I have two pairs that I keep for single digit temps and below plus a new pair for when one of these wear out.

I don't think they make them any more... I just ordered some new Grandoe's from they should be here next week. I got these as my new everyday glove. I think they were like $65.00 in the catalog.

I have been a Grandoe fan for over 12 years.
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Women's Black Diamond Mitten, (the higher end one, used to be called the Mercury Mitt, but I think they changed the name this year). Wife says awesome. She used a liner and hand warmer packs, (has Renaud's), and never gets cold. (sometimes thumb will get cool, just tuck on the lift).
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