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CSIA level 3

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Going back to Whistler this season to do my CSIA level 3 (and CSCF level 1). Is it fair to say that they are simply looking for a more perfected technique in all conditions/terrain and a far higher degree of analytical ability in the teaching ie. what should I expect to focus on compared to the level 2 ?
I know this is a bit vague and you obviously don't know my level of skiing or teaching, but are there any general thoughts ?
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I'm sure you've read this... http://www.snowpro.com/csia/e/programs/

I am curious too, is the CSIA Level III equivalent to PSIA Level II or III?

Isn't Ski Professor a big whig in CSIA? Why not PM him.

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check out this - talks about relative quals in diff countries from a skiing perspective

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