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Originally Posted by at_nyc View Post
Now that everyone understand what "bumping" means, can you repeat what the openning post is about?

So, what exactly is "bumpping every OTHER chair"???

Every other lift would be a better way to put it. As in this is the only one they don't bump, as opposed to alternating system of bumping (that would be just asinine).
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Originally Posted by Wannabe View Post
Something like that...I haven't watched that closely, but it's more like they pull (by giving it a pretty big full-body yank while pivoting on one foot) on the chair when it's about 1/4 turn from the loading spot (not the 1/2 you were envisioning I think). And yeah...it's swinging back as it gets to you. I think it's usually done on bigger and heavier chairs (last place I saw it done was on a non-detachable quad at ABasin).
Ah ok now I can visualize a bit better. I kind of wonder what advantage this has over the standard, swing the seat under you move.
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
They slow the chair for a second, so it will swing forward and smack into the back of your legs. Maybe to knock you off your feet so that you will fall into the chair, otherwise you might forget to sit down?
They smack the bar down on your head if you don't sit down.

If I'm not careful, the chair invariably pinches my calves between it and the back of my ski boot.
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Originally Posted by dumpy View Post
Bear with me, I'm having a hard time visualizing this. Does the liftie swing the chair forward when the chair is on the opposite side of the bullwheel from the skier? They push it forward, so that it swings forward and then (due to inertia) backwards at the load point, is this right?
Does it work well?
I have never seen nor heard of that, interesting concept.
Chair 4 at kirkwood is a fixed-grip quad. The chair weighs a TON. It might even literally weigh a ton, but more likely 400lbs. Lifties who do not suck use this anti-bump technique on this chair. It's too heavy for a single liftie to effectively slow it down with a normal bump. In this case it comes off the bullwheel well before it gets to the skiers. About 5 feet behind the skiers the lifties start to swing it forwards. They let go just as the chair reaches the skiers. The chair hovers in mid air as the rope catches up, you sit down on a mostly still chair, and are whisked (very slowly) to the top of the backside. Good stuff.

A poorly bumped chair 4 is one of the worst experiences available at a ski resort. That thing is HEAVY.

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wow that anti bump technique sounds snazzy, sounds like you need one seriously heavy chair though.

An over bumped lighter weight chair is one of the worse experiences in skiing. I witnessed (or at least the aftermath and my friend was on the chair, so I got all the details) a chair that was "over-bumped" and began to swing quite a bit. 2/3 of the people fell off onto cold, hard, north east ice when the chair hit the towers. One at one tower, the other at the next, my friend was able to cling to the side and stay on. I'd say thats worse than getting nailed in the back of the legs.
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Ok, now I understand what it's about.

Apology for poor reading comprehension on my part. Thanks for the patient explanation.
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