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Ski Tips for the Ex-Expert?

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I've been skiing since 1960, and I'm pretty darn good at it (if I do say so myself). But I only get to ski about 10 days a season. So, it takes me a while to get things working right each time I go. Also, I just switched to contemporary equipment late last year, so that's a new challenge, too. Anyway, mostly just for fun, I made a list of key thoughts to help me get into it more quickly when I do get to hit the slopes - sort of like golf swing keys, if you know what I mean. Tell me what you think!

 Feet together.
 Upper body facing down hill.
 Elbows in – hands forward.
 Weight on downhill ski.
 Weight on the balls of your feet.

 Feet comfortably hip-to-shoulder width apart.
 Upper body more square to skis.
 Elbows down - hands forward.
 Weight distributed more equally on both skis.
 Weight centered for stability or forward for quickness.
 Gradually minimize unweighting to initiate turns – transition to ankle-rolling and just pressuring the edges.
 Or just gently unpressure the ski & set it on a new edge.
 Ski with your feet and knees - keep your body quiet.
 Minimize your effort - let the sidecut do the work!
 Don’t force the carve – ride the skis.
 Keep your body away from the skis – swing your feet from side-to-side while your body stays in the middle.
 Stay out of the back seat!

 Imitate various animals – use your imagination.
 Be elastic – harmoniously at one with the snow.
 Be the skis!
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Due to the pre ski beer and change of altitude, I often imitate a skunk!
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>>Due to the pre ski beer and change of altitude, I often imitate a skunk!<<

You got to get your tail down! Your going to over weight the tips of the skis and wash the tails out! Of coarse, if your a skunk, a shower might be in order. -------Wigs
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Hmm! A skunk! I hadn't thought of that one! I was thinking more of large swooping birds, leaping gazelles and predatory felines. But, that brings to mind some interesting possibilities: Amardillos, anteaters, tree sloths, reptiles ... or maybe Lee Marvin's horse from the movie, "Cat Balou!"
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I like the zen approach. I wrote them down to contemplate before next weekend. I like to visualize the animal possibilities. At Bridger we have these alert white weasels that scurry about the hills, eating mice and dodging skiers. They are smooth in the bumps and tunnel through powder magically (run silent, run deep). Also the ravens, cawing and soaring over the ridge are so inspirational to watch and call back to. Also we have a handful of skiers here that are not fully house trained.

But my favorite is, "be the skis". Wow.
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Went skiing yesterday. All the tips worked. I skied really well! I even added a new one (from this board): "Let the skis follow your body around the turn." But the outright winner was, "BE the skis!"
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Skied Friday, Saturday, and Sunday,

But on Sunday it all came together when I remembered to "be the skis". Suddenly I was always in balance, my skis could go independant or together in the turns, my touch in the bumps became finer and smoother, and moguls just kind of slowed down. But actually, my partner seemed to slow down too. This lasted about 5 runs until I picked up the pace for the end of the day race. "be the skis" worked!
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