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TR: Smugglers Notch 12/28 - 1/2

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This is my first trip report for Epic. Please disregard extraneous information.

Overall: had a blast.

Slope conditions: started out not too good, due to rain on 12/27. Later in the week we got snow, on top of the ice from the earlier rain.

Weather: cold! Some skiers (including instructors) got frostbite. I think the resort made a fortune in hot cocoa sales.

Instructors: my kids and I took five days of lessons (1.5 hours/day). All of us had excellent instructors. My instructors pushed me to get out of my comfort zone, which resulted in expanding it. I was particularly impressed with the instructors for my 8-year-old daughter. Smuggs has definitely got the whole "kid thing" down.

Resort/infrastructure: Two lifts went out while we were there. Both got fixed. I heard rumors that the engines were blown due to power surges from the grid. But, in any case, the lifts there are old and relatively slow.

The staff at Smuggs are amazingly friendly and upbeat. Maybe it's something in the water...

My skiing: Major improvements since last year (he says modestly). Only fell twice the whole week (last year: twice per run). First time, a 9-year-old out-of-control snowboarder ran into me (apologized profusely). Second time was during a lesson when the instructor asked us to ski on just one ski then the other, etc.

Accommodations: From our door to where my daughter reported for her lessons was a 28-second walk with ski boots on. Short walk to "village" center. Nice.

Conclusion: A good time was had by all -- even non-skiing wife did not complain.
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Nice, good job on the improvements.

I was just at Smuggs for the first time on the 4th. Overall liked the place but not much was open due to the meltdown over the holidays.

Pretty out there though!

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