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Heading to Whister April 9-13 and am a little anxious about conditions.  Went last Easter and conditions were unbelieveable...but Easter was a week earlier last year and conditions there until recently had been not outstanding (relative to total snowfall).  Anyone out there have any perspective on how Whistler and Blackcomb are looking right now and, maybe, what to expect in early to mid April?

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No one can even remotely guess what conditions will be like in a month.  The only thing you can take away at this point is the fact that snowfall this season has been below average which means the snowpack will be lower than normal when you get there.  Doesn't mean that skiing will be bad, just that some stuff that's normally covered in mid-April won't be this year.


Could be fantastic while you're there, could be decent, could be awful.


If you're definitely going, and not considering cancelling, don't get anxious about the conditions, especially not a month in advance.  Worrying won't make the snow fall any harder, just plan to enjoy your trip, no matter what.

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